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Champions #10
Champions #10 hits stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jim Zub, Steven Cummings, Marcio Menyz, and Clayton Cowles… and for the last time, as the series is canceled with this issue, perhaps to be replaced next year by Young Avengers instead? But that's to be sorted out later For now, we've got a series to[...]
Young Avengers Relaunch in 2020 - To Replace Champions?
Just don't expect Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, there's a brand new creative team lined up – I don't know who but I'm told to expect good things, and a bit of an impact on announcement. I'm also told that the Champions will be retired without relaunch, but that Young Avengers may see some of the[...]
Marvel's Champions Get Political For Incoming?
And this has the Champions clustered around a TV screen featured what appears to be a politician at a podium making the sign of… well what? Middle and ring fingers together? A Reverse Spock? Any ideas? They join Professor X, Apocalypse and Magneto, straight from House Of X and Powers Of X… To be added to 2-Faced[...]
Champions #9 [Preview]
Champions #9 is in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, the penultimate issue of the series, by the creative team of Jim Zub and Steven Cummings But if you can't wait three days, we've got a preview of the issue below. For the second-to-last time, get caught up with the recap page. And we find the champions[...]
Leadership Problems in Champions #8 [Preview]
The Champions are having some problems… and we're not just talking about the book's unfortunate and untimely cancellation with issue #10 With various team members suffering crises of conscience, Viv has been left as team leader, but in this preview of Champions #8, when Ironheart comes calling, she finds that Viv may be… a bit[...]
Marvel's Champions Canceled with October's Champions #10
October's Champions #10 will be the final issue of the series starring a team of Marvel's teenage superheroes, writer Jim Zub revealed on his blog Thursday Zub said that the book "didn't click the way we hoped" and that his "long-term plans for the series have been cut short." Once the October solicits arrived online, I[...]
Champions #7: When Heroes Cry [Preview]
And in next week's issue of Champions #7, it's Ms Marvel's turn Following the Champion's exploits during War of the Realms (and a super-mega-crossover event could make anyone cry), Ms Marvel is quitting the Champions! At least, temporarily. It seems that seeing herself die, even in an alternate future timeline, can have a negative effect on[...]
Champions #6 Preview
Trouble is brewing in the pages of Champions #6, in stores next week, as we see in this preview It begins with a calm scene, the mighty warriors of the Disir standing guard in Brazil, doing their duty for their leader, Amora the Enchantress, Queen of the Dead The Disir are a pretty big deal…[...]
Adult Cyclops Rejoins the Champions for War of the Realms
But back when Scott was a time-displaced teenager living alongside his adult counterpart in Marvel's past, he founded a teen superhero team called the Champions before being sent back in time with his memory erased, only for his memory to come back to his resurrected adult self in the future moments after his teen self[...]
Champions Give Jared Kushner a Run for his Money in Next Week's Champions #2
It's hard to come up with an idea more damaging to America's reputation in the Middle East than Donald Trump making Jared Kushner the regional ambassador, but in next week's Champions #2, the titular superhero team does its best Seen in this preview below, the superheroes have taken one of their massively destructive battles to[...]
Marvel Celebrates International Women's Day with Champions #3 Variant
International Women's Day takes place on March 8th. In celebration of International Women's Day this March, Marvel is excited to show off a brand-new variant cover for CHAMPIONS #3 showcasing leading ladies Ms Marvel, Viv Vision, Ironheart, Snowguard, and Wasp – as well as the legacy of Captain Marvel – illustrated by superstar artist Elsa Charretier[...]
Discussing Canadian Politics at the Dinner Table in Champions Annual #1
In next week's Champions Annual #1, Snowguard returns home for the first time since joining the Champions, but if you thought that being a famous superhero would excuse her from dealing with the same bull@#$% everyone else does when they get together with family, you'd be dead wrong! Snowguard is barely back when her family[...]
How Does Thanos Save the Day in Next Week's Champions #26?
The Champions are stuck in Weirdworld, where they've lost their memories (except for Ironheart) and have been split apart But thanks to everyone's favorite Mad Titan, all is not lost. Wait, what? Yes, that's right, it's Thanos who seems to be the key to getting the Champions back together and out of Weirdworld Er… sort of. CBR[...]