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Supergirl Season 3: Looking at the Huge Changes from the Finale

Last night's Supergirl had huge changes for everyone on the show. About the only person who didn't go through a major personal change is Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) herself. When the show returns in the fall for season four, it will look very different in both the cast and what the characters will be doing. It's […]

Supergirl Season 3, Episode 23 Recap: Battles Lost and Won

This article contains spoilers for the Supergirl season three finale – Battles Lost and Won. . . . . . And here we are, the finale of season three and it feels like an attempt to tie up loose ends. But lets get into what happened. It starts with the terraforming attempt by Reign (Odette […]


Melissa Benoist Promises "All the Answers" in the Supergirl Season Finale

The third season of Supergirl is coming to an end on Monday night with a season finale that will pit Reign (Odette Annable) and the Sisters of Juru against Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the Legion of Superheroes… plus a few friends… and her mother. In a new video released by The CW, Benoist talks about […]

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Supergirl Season 3: Kara and Mon-El are Stranded in Argo City

The CW has released a clip from tonight's new episode of Supergirl season 3, the penultimate episode of the season called 'Make it Reign'. This is the first of a two-part season finale which will prominently feature Erica Durance as Alura Zor-El. Spoilers ahead. The video shows us Kara (Melissa Benoist), Mon-El (Chris Wood), Thara (Esmé […]

Supergirl Season 3: An Inside Look at Serena Coming to Earth

The CW has released an inside-the-episode video for tonight's new episode of Supergirl season 3. The penultimate episode is called 'Make It Reign' and follows up on the ending of last week as Serena (Anjali Jay) and two other Kryptonian Witches steal Supergirl's ship and headed back to Earth, leaving Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El (Chris Wood) […]

Supergirl Season 3: Box Set Details, Bonus Features, and Release Date

The third season of Supergirl hasn't wrapped up yet, but Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has already sent out the information for Supergirl: The Complete Third Season box set that is going to be released on September 18th. The series has been renewed for a fourth season, and buzz about the big bad has already begun […]

Supergirl Season 3: CW Releases Title and 6 Images for Penultimate Episode

The CW has been pretty consistent in releasing around photos and synopsis for episodes well in advance of the episodes airing. In the case of Supergirl, they usually release the synopsis and around a dozen images two weeks ahead. For example, after the airing of the 'Dark Side of the Moon' episode, #20, on Monday […]

Erica Durance Talks Her Return to Supergirl and the Future of Alura

Last night's episode of Supergirl brought us back actress Erica Durance in the role of Alura Zor-El, a role she took over from Laura Benanti at the start of the season. Since her appearance was in the previews, it's not really a spoiler, but anything else might be, so continue on at your own peril. […]

Supergirl Season 3, Episode 20 Recap: Dark Side of the Moon

This article contains spoilers for Supergirl season 3, episode 20, 'Dark Side of the Moon'. . . . . . Last night's episode had the main story that was teased in the trailer and a second story that, while not connect to the main story of the season, did address one of the sub-stories in a […]

Supergirl Season 3: What They Find on the Darkside of the Moon

Even though it is a holiday, we're still getting a new episode of Supergirl, and it's an interesting one called 'Darkside of the Moon'. With the new scene The CW has released, they're not really trying to hide what I would've though would be a spoiler, but I will wait to talk about it until […]

Supergirl Season 3: the Most Surprising Moment of the Season

We're now looking at the most surprising moments in the recently concluded (except for Supergirl) seasons of the big superhero shows. Each show has multiple surprise moments, some bigger than others, but I'm judging based on how much the surprise affected the series, a single character or was just out of the blue. Here we […]

Supergirl Season 3: 14 Photos From the 'Darkside of the Moon'

After tonight, the only Arrowverse series still going will be Supergirl which has four episode remaining in their third season and while you'd think they'd spend those answering the questions that are hanging out there, last night's trailer and the new images released by the CW shows that a whole new batch of questions are […]

Supergirl Season 3, Episode 16 Recap: Of Two Minds

This article contains spoilers for the Supergirl season three episode – Of Two Minds. . . . . . In this episode we get back fully to the WorldKiller storyline and finally meet Pestilence. The episode starts at City Hall with a woman handing out cookies to everyone before one of the higher ups nose […]

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Supergirl Season 3, Episode 15 Recap: In Search of Lost Time

This article contains spoilers for the Supergirl season three episode – In Search of Lost Time. . . . . . Tonight's episode of Supergirl hit a bit close to home for me as I can imagine it will have for many of the audience. The main story focused on the mental deterioration of M'yrnn […]

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Supergirl Season 3: Inside the Episode 'In Search of Lost Time'

The CW has released a new behind-the-scenes video for tonight's episode of Supergirl season 3, 'In Search of Lost Time'. Executive producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner set up the episode that seems to use what's going on with M'yrnn J'onzz (Carl Lumbly) to help further along the relationship between Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El […]

In Search of Lost Time supergirl season 3

Supergirl Season 3: Mon-El Starts Training Kara to Fight Worldkillers

We get a new episode of Supergirl tonight as Mon-El (Chris Wood) starts helping Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) figure out how to fight the Worldkillers. Which is a pretty interesting twist as just last year, Kara was teaching Mon-El how to fight. But that was before he had to leave the planet, got sucked into a […]

Supergirl Season 3: First Official Poster of Mon-El's New Uniform

And here we go. The CW has released the first official look/poster for Mon-El's new costume, which debuts on Monday, April 23rd. When Mon-El (Chris Wood) was first introduced on Supergirl, he wasn't a hero by any stretch of the imagination. He was a Daximite prince who escaped the destruction of his planet because one […]

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Supergirl Season 3: Is There a Chance for Kara and Mon-El?

We are four days away from the return of Supergirl and we've gotten to see some images from the upcoming episodes showing Mon-El (Chris Wood) in a new super suit instead of the black one he was wearing that matches the other Legion of Superhero members. What does that mean for the long run? Is […]

In Search of Lost Time supergirl season 3

Supergirl Season 3: Supergirl Returns and Mon-El's New Suit

With DC's Legends of Tomorrow having wrapped up last night, Supergirl returns to the time slot on Monday, April 16th with a Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan)-focused episode. Now The CW has released a synopsis and photos for the upcoming episode 'In Search of Lost Time', which airs on April 23rd. The episode introduces Mon-El (Chris […]