Funko SDCC Exclusives 2019 Round 1: Marvel and TV!

Every Funko SDCC 2019 Exclusive in One Place

Pricklepants (Hot Topic)Pop! Games: Fortnite - Loot Lama (GITD) (Walmart)Pop! Games: Overwatch - McCree (GameStop)Pop! Heroes: DC - Batman (Teal Chrome)(GameStop)Pop! Television: The Flash - Cisco Ramon (Hot Topic)Pop! Television: The Green Hornet - Kato (Toy Tokyo)[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1049224,1049225,1049226,1049227"]POP! Hanna Barbera- Flintstones- Baby Puss- (Funko Shop) POP! Hanna Barbera- Flintstones- Hoppy- (Funko Shop) POP! Hanna[...]

Bleeding Cool's Ten Favorite Things We Saw at New York Toy Fair 2019

These feel like a home run, and I can't wait to get my hands on them.LEGO Ideas The Flintstones HouseSpeaking of construction sets, LEGO had the final product for their LEGO Ideas Flintstones house on display at Toy Fair, and it may now be my most anticipated LEGO set of all-time Everything about it is[...]

Boomerang's 2018-2019 Streaming Schedule Includes Scooby-Doo, Flintstones Spinoffs

Separate from -- though intended to complement -- Turner’s linear Boomerang TV network, the subscription VOD service is set to premiere two new original series: Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?, which features the Scooby Gang teaming up with guest stars to solve mysteries; and Pebbles/Bamm-Bamm-focused Flintstones spinoff Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs! The service has also secured the U.S[...]

New Flintstones Comic To Be Based Around The Concept Of Slavery?

The news that Steve Pugh would be the artist for the upcoming DC Comics reboot of The Flintstones was very appealing to me His original art, if you ever get to see it resembles geological strata, building up layers of ink and white paint to create his unique lines and shading effects.But the comic itself[...]

New Animated Flintstones Movie To Be Produced By Will Ferrell And Adam McKay

Though Seth MacFarlane had tried to reboot The Flintstones for TV recently, the franchise has actually been dormant for a Hollywood eon No longer, however, as THR have learned that a new, animated movie is in the works at Warner Bros.Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are producing, which will probably translate to Will Ferrell doing[...]

Seth MacFarlane's Flintstones Do-Over "On Life Support"

When Seth MacFarlane presented his first script for a new, animated Flintstones series to Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly, the feedback was actually positive, just not positive enough.According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reilly said that "likes it but doesn't love it." Their report goes on: Given the limited number of holes the network has to fill on its[...]

Monday Trending Topics: Sony's Loss, Our Gain

 In other news today, I thought the return of The Flintstones to tv was gonna be a good thing when I saw the headline too, but then I read Brendon's post  I guess we'll have to wait and see on that, but I do still wonder if the Great Gazoo is going to be in[...]

Seth MacFarlane Rebooting The Flintstones For TV And Cinema

Fox have announced that they're bringing The Flintstones back to primetime, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is the main in charge Apparently it took a whole year of negotiations between the studio and Warner Bros TV who hold the Flintstones' rights to get this deal set up.I'd expect that the quality of animation will[...]