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the witcher
Hissrich and Netflix's Henry Cavill-starring The Witcher didn't appreciate the preview they received on Friday as part of its Geeked Week presentation Plus with the series confirmed to return before the end of the year, they know they'll get getting a ton more previews at next month's virtual WitcherCon But even with all of that said,[...]
The Witcher offered early looks at the second season. (Image: Netflix)
Hissrich letting fans know that they were "deep" into post-production and a promised series return before the end of the year, fans of Netflix's Henry Cavill-starring The Witcher were riding into this week's Geeked Week with some high expectations- especially after promises of something this Friday hit social media Well, it's Friday and they kept their[...]
RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness Unleashes Anime's Opening Scene
And during this week's Geeked Week, Netflix offered fans the opening scene to the upcoming original CG anime RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness that helps establish some backstory to the horrors that await our heroes Kicking off six years earlier from when the anime takes place, it's 2000 and viewers are taken to the city streets of[...]
See, now a show like Lucifer is exactly what Netflix's Geeked Week was created for With Lucifans still processing the Season 5 Part 2 fallout from God's (Dennis Haysbert) little "family reunion" with Lucifer, Michael (both Tom Ellis), Amenadiel (D.B Woodside), and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), and what it means for the sixth and final season[...]
Fear Street: New Trailer Promises A Bloody Good Time Next Month
Fear Street is coming to Netflix next month, and a new trailer for the three-film series debuted today, part of Netflix event Geeked Week Based on the young adult novels by R.L Stine, the adaptation for Netflix will consist of three films, all releasing in July And while the young adult series was decidedly PG…that[...]
Auto Draft
But just because the series is already streaming doesn't mean it doesn't have a huge role to play in this week's Geeked Week- in fact, we're pretty sure fans will like what Netflix had to offer- especially considering the number of emotional gut-punches that the series hits viewers with. Cr KIRSTY GRIFFIN/NETFLIX © 2021 While it might[...]
The Sandman announcement key art. (Image: Netflix)
Goyer's (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Terminator: Dark Fate, Foundation) upcoming Netflix adaptation wasn't about to be left of this week's Geeked Week And to say it made one helluva first impression goes without saying, with the streamer releasing a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of what fans can expect And the best part? Viewers have Gaiman[...]
Cowboy Bebop
Because as promised, the streamer used the occasion of Geeked Week to offer some major intel on the long-awaited John Cho (Star Trek, Searching)-starring series- and it was only right that Cho and the gang would handle it with a musical flair considering original anime music composer Yoko Kanno will be creating original work for[...]
Locke & Key is halfway finished with season 2 (Image: Netflix)
A little less than a month after Locke & Key star Darby Stanchfield confirmed some very good Season 3 news about Netflix's adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's popular fantasy/horror comic book series, we find ourselves at Geeked Week And as promised via social media on Monday, the popular series was planning to make a[...]
The Umbrella Academy introduced The Sparrow Academy (Image: Netflix)
One of the biggest takeaways we had from the first day of Netflix's Geeked Week? That as much as there is a ton of programming out there that all of you are starving to find out as much as possible about? There is a whole ton of you wanting to know what's going on with[...]
Blood Red Sky Teaser: Netflix Horror/Thriller/Action Film Out in July
A teaser for the film debuted today, part of their Geeked Week event running through Friday The bonkers premise sees a woman on a transatlantic flight forced to out herself as a vampire (?) to protect her son and those aboard the plane from hijackers Directed by Peter Thorwarth and based on his own short[...]
Shadow and Bone E1 Review: A Full Hour Of Worldbuilding and Setup
Netflix, as part of their Geeked Week, kicked things off today by announcing the second season of its acclaimed fantasy show The second season received an eight-episode order Based on Leigh Bardugo's bestselling "Grishaverse" novels, writer Eric Heisserer (Bird Box), and Stranger Things EP Shawn Levy and his 21 Laps Entertainment will produce the episodes[...]
Last week, Netflix announced that it was jumping into the "virtual fan convention" game in a big way starting June 7 with Geeked Week Sponsored by Netflix Geeked and running over the course of five days, Geeked Week was created to give fans an opportunity to share their excitement and connect with people from all over[...]
Starting June 7, Netflix is looking to jump into the "virtual fan convention" stray in a big way with Geeked Week Sponsored by Netflix Geeked and running for five days, Geeked Week was created as a means of giving fans an opportunity to share their excitement and connect with people from all over the world[...]