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Goat Simulator 3 Drops New 10th Anniversary Update
Indie game developer and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing has released a new 10th Anniversary update for Goat Simulator 3, packed with some new content The content, as you might suspect, is pretty silly to begin with, but it will have players who have enjoyed all of the games leap with joy You will have the[...]
Goat Simulator 3
The long wait for exclusivity is over for Goat Simulator 3, as Coffee Stain Publishing confirmed this week the game will come to Steam in February The game will come with everything released to date, so players can start with everything in the game, including the updates and DLC options We have the full rundown[...]
Goat Simulator 3 Will Arrive On Steam Sometime Next Year
Coffee Stain Publishing confirmed this week that they will finally release Goat Simulator 3 for Steam in 2024 Right now, the team is claiming it will be out sometime in the early part of the year, but they haven't locked down a release date for it yet It will include all of the content released[...]
Goat Simulator 3 Has Been Launched On Mobile
Coffee Stain Publishing has brought all the chaos of Goat Simulator 3 over to mobile devices, as you can pre-order the game on iOS and Android This is an all-new premium 2-player version of the game and is the first title created by their new mobile studio, Coffee Stain Malmö The game is basically everything[...]
Goat Simulator 3 Releases The Shadiest Update Yet
Indie game developer and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing has released new content for Goat Simulator 3, as the game gets The Shadiest Update This is essentially the game's "Summer update," as it will bring a ton of content to remind you of being out and about for the next few months Along with a ton[...]
Goat Simulator 3 Adds Easter Update: Operation Crackdown
Coffee Stain Publishing dropped a brand new update in Goat Simulator 3 as they have added a bunch of new content for Easter with Operation Crackdown Running until April 26th, you'll have a chance to snag some cool cosmetics and play in a few fun game modes, and you'll find a ton of hidden surprises[...]
Goat Simulator 3
Goat Simulator 3 recently came out, and with it came a brand new launch trailer showing off more aspects of the game and its insanity Coffee Stain Publishing's latest dive into the world of all things maniacal goat has all the makings of a classic insane title that we're sure will be the bane of[...]
Goat Simulator 3 Will Have Horrifying Crossover With Fortnite
Coffee Stain Publishing and Epic Games have paired up for a unique experience with Fortnite and Goat Simulator 3 The two companies have decided to add something to Fortnite that will either please many a gamer or upset a lot of people Or probably both in the process, considering what it is The devs will[...]