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Hell's Kitchen Season 20 E08 Preview: Relay Races & A Season-First
After last week's round saw line cook Kevin Argueta paying the price for falling behind in Chef Gordon Ramsay's eyes (with no follow-up statement), this week's round of FOX's Hell's Kitchen finds the remaining chefs taking part in a cooking-related relay race From there, five of them will face off in the very first  "Cook[...]
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After last week's round saw Lexington, Kentucky, Sous-chef Payton Cooper booted from the competition over poor performance and inconsistency (Chef Gordon Ramsay: "Payton struggled on the Blue Team and the Red Team One thing's for sure, I don't want him on my team"), this week's edition of FOX's Hell's Kitchen Season 20 finds the Young[...]
Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Preview: A Family Affair For The Young Guns
Last week saw Sous-chef Morgana Vesey booted over the combo of raw halibut & salmon and her lack of an assertive attitude (Chef Gordon Ramsay: "Morgana might be baby-faced, but tonight, she behaved like a baby when her fish station struggled The protégé I'm looking for needs to be confident and outspoken; Morgana was neither")[...]
Hell's Kitchen Season 20 E05 Preview: Do The Young Guns Speak Emoji?
After a dinner service during last week's round of FOX's Hell's Kitchen with magician Criss Angel and his wife as well as magicians Penn & Teller saw both the Blue and Red Teams disappointing, Chef Gordon Ramsay ordered each team to offer up two nominees And after the smoke cleared, Chicago line cook Alex Lenik was shown[...]
Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Preview: Young Guns Go Big But Who Goes Home?
This week, Chef Gordon Ramsay brings the remaining chefs back for "Young Guns: Young Guns Going Big" as they're tasked with making brunch for five dozen very hungry and very tired Caesars Palace employees And as if things weren't already tense with the Blue Team, dinner service might just be the thing that breaks some of[...]
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After the combination of bad attitude and undercooked food led to the elimination of food vlogger Matthew Francis Johnson and meal prep chef Ava Harren in last week's episode of Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns, Chef Gordon Ramsay is bringing the chefs back again this week for "Young Guns: Come Hell or High Water!" This week, the[...]
Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Preview: Young Guns Face First Dinner Service
Last week brought a new twist to FOX's long-running cooking competition series, with Chef Gordon Ramsay back in Las Vegas for Season 20: Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns This time around, 18 aspiring chefs (all age 23 or younger) will be put through rigorous culinary challenges that grow in difficulty with each passing week And when[...]
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On Monday night, Chef Gordon Ramsay is back in Las Vegas for Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns, with 18 aspiring chefs (all age 23 or younger) put through rigorous culinary challenges that grow in difficulty with each passing round And when the smoke settles, only one will be named the winner- only one will walk away[...]
Guest panelist Gordon Ramsay on The Masked Singer, courtesy of FOX.
So it's only appropriate that MasterChef's Gordon Ramsay is leaving the kitchen to join host Nick Cannon and panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke for the heat of competition This week looks to be particularly nerve-crushing as Ramsey gives Cannon some pointers as if he was back on his own show,[...]
Hell's Kitchen: Chef Gordon Ramsay's Favorite Insults
Perfect for a Monday that FEELS LIKE A MONDAY, Chef Gordon Ramsay reveals his favorite insults from across Hell's Kitchen. Chef Gordon RamsayPhoto by Eugene Powers / Shutterstock.com In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the insult-subject was brought up, and Ramsay's answers were interesting: Entertainment Weekly: You've said so many colorful things to contestants over the years[...]
Let's Talk About MasterChef Season 14, Episode 1
The cooking competition series also happens in a grown-up version, hence the 'season 14' in the title, which is how DirectTV subscribers will see the series numbered (like me). Ok, that cleared up- FOX really loves Gordon Ramsay, as this is the fourth show the chef hosts on the network.  Junior is by far the most enjoyable of these[...]
Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips Comic Books?
NYCC announcement maybe? Anyway, there are some folk that don't so much register trademarks for comics, but just include comics in a list of things they might make. Such as Gordon Ramsay applying to register the phrase Gordon Ramsay Fish And Chips as a trademark for the following sectors; G & S: Printed matter; printed publications; instructional and[...]