Stranger Things 4 writers are back with their last Video Store Fridays, courtesy of Stranger Things and Netflix.

Stranger Things 4 Video Store Fridays Final Edition: The End of An Era

For over six months now, we've remained dedicated to the writing team over at Netflix's Stranger Things 4 and their weekly tradition of "Video Store Fridays" (VSF). Here's how it worked: every week, the writers would post five films that were on their minds that week (while we included the trailers in our articles to […]

Stranger Things 4 cast gather for their table read, courtesy of Netflix.

Stranger Things 4 Video Store Friday Includes Sky High, LoTR and More

After taking a couple of weeks off (don't think we don't notice, you never call, your mother's worried), the writers of Stranger Things 4 are back with another edition of  "Video Store Fridays" (VSF). For those of you new to this, here's how it all works: they post five movies that were on the minds […]

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"Stranger Things" Video Store Fridays: Timeline, 13th Warrior & More

Just because Netflix and The Duffer Bros' (Matt and Ross Duffer) Stranger Things 4 is one of many shows whose productions are grounded over the growing coronavirus pandemic, doesn't mean you can't get your Upside-Down fix. Head on over to Carpool Karaoke: The Series (after you're done reading about this week's "Video Store Fridays", that […]

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"Stranger Things 4": Hopper's Back… Back Again… [TEASER]

We're not gonna lie: we were expecting a teaser or trailer for Netflix and The Duffer Bros' (Matt and Ross Duffer) Stranger Things 4 during the TCA winter press event… during the Academy Awards… in fact, we were "calling it" about five times – and nothing. So of course they would blindside us with a […]

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Does "Stranger Things" Writers' New Season 4 Tease Involve Apple Mac or Polaroid Pix?

A month after Netflix and The Duffer Bros. (Matt and Ross Duffer) made the inevitable official with the announcement that Stranger Things would be returning for a fourth season, fans started learning more about what the upcoming season holds for viewers. Reports of a casting call for four male characters began circulating; then in the […]