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Paramount+ premiered the first two episodes of the Mike McMahan animated series in "Twovix" and "I Have No Bones Yet I Must Flee." At the very least, there's a definitive next chapter for the ensigns Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome), Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid), D'Vana Tendi (Noël Wells), and Sam Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) The following contains[...]
the boys
With the Marvel Cinematic Universe full of rumors on who will be cast as the latest incarnation of the Fantastic Four, one of the names to pop up is Jack Quaid, who's been in some of the biggest franchises, including The Hunger Games, Scream, Superman, Star Trek, and The Boys The actor already made his[...]
strange new worlds
Cerritos ensigns from LD, Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) and Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome), talk with each other in an open conference room with the Enterprise's Pike (Anson Mount), Una (Rebecca Romijn), Spock (Ethan Peck), and La'an (Christina Chong) well within an earshot of the two's conversation titled "Hot Spock." Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/Paramount+ Star Trek: Meeting of[...]
strange new worlds
Paramount+ surprised fans early by dropping the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds crossover episode with Lower Decks in "Those Old Scientists," which sees LD characters Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) and Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) make their live-action debut The episode begins in the animated universe of Lower Decks The episode begins with the crew of[...]
strange new worlds
Enterprise is about to encounter visitors from the distant future from the animated world of Lower Decks, namely from ensigns Beckett Mariner and Brad Boimler, played by Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid, respectively in the upcoming "Those Old Scientists" and making their franchise live-action debut. Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/Paramount+ Star Trek: Tawny Newsome from Lower Decks to[...]
My Adventures with Superman
Jack Quaid does a really nice job making Clark totally relatable and emoting things verbally that could otherwise come off as cold or, at other times, over the top  Here, he sounds like one of your friends  He also changes his tone just enough to make Superman sound like a different person, but in an[...]
strange new worlds
Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid are such a dynamic duo, and they're great at riffing off each other and adlibbing This is going to be a big fan favorite, and the Rigel 7 episode is insane The costumes are some of my favorites of the season and especially the guards. I was inspired by traditional Mongolian[...]
the boys
This time around, Jack Quaid is sharing a look at the "bloody good fun" he's been having while at work And though we don't doubt that Quaid's having a great time, based on what we looked at before writing this? Let's just say that we're nervous that the placement of blood is signaling that it[...]
the boys
But DeWitt joining the streaming series in the role of Hughie's (Jack Quaid) mom is the casting that we're keeping an eye on the most because of the speculation possibilities we have swirling around in our heads (imagine if she's a supe?) With production rolling along, Pegg was kind enough to share a look at[...]
the boys
Well, we found out earlier today when Jack Quaid shared an attempted Halloween effort that didn't work that would've seen him mash-up Palpatine from the "Star Wars" films with Jason Vorhees from the "Friday the 13th" films And only then did I realize how close we all came to witness the very fabric of the[...]
star trek
Shaxs), Jack Quaid (Ensign Brad Boimler), Paul F Tompkins (Dr Migleemo), Tawny Newsome (Ensign Beckett Mariner) On the DS9 side, there's Armin Shimerman (Quark) and Nana Visitor (Major/Colonel Kira Nerys). "The Stars at Night" – Ep#310 –Jerry O'Connell as Commander Ransom, Fred Tatasciore as Lieutenant Shaxs, Noel Wells as Ensign Tendi, Dawn Lewis as Captain Carol[...]
Star Trek: Lower Decks Reveals George Takei Cameo as Capt Sulu
In the elaborate Holodeck simulation, Boimler (Jack Quaid) constructed (in part from Mariner's original program) a scenario where he and fellow lower deckers run another ship helping the U.S.S Cerritos trying to keep a magical artifact with temporal properties from Romulan hands. George Takei and Jack Quaid in Star Trek: Lower Decks Screencapped from YouTube courtesy[...]
Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 Ep. 8 Review: Too Much Undermining
The following contains minor spoilers. "Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus" – Ep#308– Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford, Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner, Noel Wells as Ensign Tendi, Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler and Noel Wells as Ensign Tendi of the Paramount+ series STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS Photo: PARAMOUNT+ ©2022 CBS Interactive, Inc All Rights Reserved[...]
star trek
The first is Mariner (Tawny Newsome), Boimler (Jack Quaid), and Tendi (Noël Wells) as the beta squad dealing with their arch-rivals, the delta squad, and another group of lower deckers The second arc involves the senior staff and engineers interacting with a ship called the Dove, led by an Edosian called Toz (Mary Holland)[...]
the boys
And that would be kicking some serious ass in the streaming series, with Jack Quaid joining Moriarty for her Instagram post as the two give the fans the proper "The Boys" salute (and a genuine "f**k you" to the haters, we're sure). Image: Screencap "Back to my regularly scheduled programming of work bliss with my favorite hooooman(s)[...]
Star Trek: Lower Decks S03E02 Review: Klingon D&D and Role Reversal
Reducing their experience to a tabletop Dungeons & Dragons-type game called Bat'leths & BiHnuchs that sees the four ensigns Mariner (Tawny Newsome), Boimler (Jack Quaid), Tendi ( Noël Wells), and Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) in an active campaign with Chancellor Martok (J.G Hertzler) in the role of the dungeon master? Don't get me wrong, I'm a[...]
Lower Decks Cast Talk James Cromwell’s Star Trek Return as Cochrane
The featurette highlights the season three premiere "Grounded," featuring interviews with creator Mike McMahan, Cromwell, and stars Tawny Newsome (Mariner), Jack Quaid (Boimler), Noël Wells (Tendi), Eugene Cordero (Rutherford), Dawnn Lewis (Freeman), and Fred Tatasciore (Shaxs). Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, James Cromwell, Noël Wells and Eugene Cordero in Star Trek: Lower Decks[...]
the boys
So we appreciate Jack Quaid taking some time out from promoting the return of Paramount+'s Star Trek: Lower Decks for a third season to touch-base on if he's involved with the newest addition to the franchise and how Hughie will react to learning Butcher's (Karl Urban) time on the earth is coming to an end. Karl[...]
Star Trek: Lower Decks S03E01 Review: Much Ado About… Something?
There's something to be said about how much neuroticism drives Star Trek: Lower Decks, defining the series' main characters in ensigns Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) The season two finale, "First First Contact," left at a cliffhanger where Beckett's mother, Captain Carol Freeman (Dawnn Lewis), stood accused of blowing up the[...]
Back in May of this year, DC animation fans learned that Jack Quaid (The Boys, Star Trek: Lower Decks) and Alice Lee (Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist) would be voicing the respective roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in HBO Max & Cartoon Network's My Adventures with Superman Announced with a two-season order, the all-new kids and[...]
Star Trek: LD: How The Boys Desensitized Jack Quaid on Infamous Scene
Not many can say many Hollywood actors can say they were part of infamous orgy scenes across two popular TV shows short of adult film stars than Jack Quaid as the star on Amazon Prime Video's The Boys and Paramount+ animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks The two in question are "Herogasm", the superhero orgy[...]
Scream Reveals New Photos of the Highly Anticipated Horror Film
After she is attacked, we meet her sister Sam (Melissa Barrera) and her boyfriend Richie (Jack Quaid), who race back to Woodsboro to make sure she is okay Yes, we are back in Woodsboro, 25 years after we first spent time there As Ghostface starts piling up bodies, the new generation of teenagers enlists the[...]
The Boys
That's right, Coleman has an exclusive ("and explosive") one-on-one interview with the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs' (FBSA) Hugh Campbell (Jack Quaid) to debate the agency's practices and if it was created to help or hinder supes But before we get to that? How about some real breaking news? Like a teaser showing us just[...]
the boys
That said, he wants fans to know that there's always a little time to check out some cool The Boys cosplay so the offer to share some looks is also included. Images: Amazon/Screencap Here's a look at Kripke's impressive costume work (still gives us goosebumps), followed by Jack Quaid's meme-honoring Halloween effort: Lemme see your #TheBoys Halloween costumes[...]
Star Trek: Lower Decks S02E09 Review: Where Was This All Season?
As much as we're used to seeing the Starfleet core four in Mariner (Tawny Newsome), Boimler (Jack Quaid), Tendi (Noël Wells), and Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) complaining about their irrelevance, we see Ma'ah (Jon Curry) trying to do the same onboard the Che'ta and T'lyn (Gabrielle Ruiz) on the Sh'Vah The Starfleet lower deckers try an[...]
Jack Quaid discusses Star Trek: Lower Decks (Images: Ron Adar / Shutterstock.com // CBS All Access)
Jack Quaid is one actor who's having his cake and eating it too involved with two popular franchises in Star Trek and Amazon's The Boys Lending his voice to the neurotic Ensign Bradward Boimler, Quaid answered a question via Twitter a few fans lobbed his way about the character's signature scream Personally, I wouldn't be[...]
Star Trek
Initially, they're dealing with mundane activities like crate stacking before Boimler (Jack Quaid) runs into a group of redshirts who clamor for leadership roles before ending up mostly talking without any real action Aside from not exploring the franchise's reputation for random redshirts suffering from a rash of premature deaths over the years, it felt[...]
Star Trek: Lower Decks S02E05 Preview: An Embarrassment of Dooplers
Meanwhile, Boimler (Jack Quaid) and Mariner (Tawny Newsome) try to get into a prestigious party comprised of higher-end Starfleet officers While the Cerritos is a lower class ship, Mariner devises a plan to sneak herself in as a +1 with Boimler pretending to act as his double on the U.S.S Titan. ©2021 CBS Interactive, Inc[...]
The Boys Stunt Coordinator Tig Fong on Season Two’s Epic Moments
But then Jack Quaid had to go and spoil our fun on Friday via Instagram by announcing that filming on series has wrapped "We fuckin' did it, y'all! Congrats to everyone who worked on Season 3 of ["The Boys"] You all deserve a hug, and a drink… and a lot of therapy after what we[...]