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Pa Kent Calls Batman A Hypocrite in Superman: Son Of Kal-El #11
Batman doesn't approve of Jon Kent's new boyfriend, Jay Nakamura And not for the reasons some people with YouTube channels might have Instead, Batman sees a radical activist terrorist. Superman: Son Of Kal-El #11 Which Batman most definitely is But of course, Batman doesn't want to be Superman's boyfriend Or if he does, he restricts it to[...]
Interior preview page from Superman: Son of Kal-El #10
We also pointed out that the likely object of his affection would be journalist/activist Jay Nakamura, who he took home to meet his parents. Then on National Coming Out Day,  DC Comics dropped the news that Jonathan Kent would be revealed as a bisexual young man in the comics and that,m indeed, Jay Nakamura was his[...]
Superpowers, Costume & Origin For Jay Nakamura (Superman #6 Spoilers)
The issue that showed the world that Jon Kent was a bisexual young man with a new boyfriend in the form of Jay Nakamura, also known as the hacktivist The Truth Well, looks like one secret identity isn't enough for Jay, he also has a superhero costume for such occasions. Superman: Son Of Kal-El #6 With powers[...]
Superman Son Of Kal-El #5 Review: Unexpected
Jon's burgeoning romance with Jay Nakamura provides a key moment of emotional resonance at the center of the story It refocuses this towards a solution, not just running from emergency to emergency. It's not as if you could say anything went wrong here Bendix's impact is more felt than seen, as there is no direct antagonist[...]
DC Comics Makes A Bunch Bigger Change To Their New Superman Today...
Or that Jon Kent, the new Superman of Earth, and the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, is a bisexual young man and in a pregnant poignant pause, he takes the moment to kiss the subject of his recent affection, journalist Jay Nakamura But we also teased something else regarding a new look for[...]
Bisexual Kisses And Capes In Superman: Son Of Kal-El #5, Out Tomorrow
That may calm down a little tomorrow, depending on the media I guess, we'll see. In which we see Jay Nakamura helping Jon Kent get a better night's sleep And waking with a cup of Batman coffee… Well, he is a growing young man in all sorts of ways, he clearly needs his beauty sleep[...]
Jon Kent's Boyfriend Has Superpowers, But is it Just a Phase? Spoilers
In the previous issue, Jon Kent had taken Jay Nakamura to meet his family, only for Henry Bendix, President of Gamorra, to drop a superhuman gravity bomb in the Smallville Farm obliterating it All because a) Jon Kent had made a stand protecting Gamorran refugees to the USA and b) Clark Kent is off to[...]
Superman Playing In Politics - It Has Consequences, Today (Spoilers)
But who is this kid? Jay Nakamura, a new important part of Metropolis, with a modern journalistic project that might appeal to this son of Lois Lane. And as the politics of the day comes into play Here's the upcoming cover of issue 5, with a certain Henry Bendix in the background too How close will this[...]