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Mattel WWE Eilte 67 Collage
Since introducing their new True FX face scan technology last year, the figures for the most part have taken on a whole new level of quality and this set is a great example of what they are capable of now. First up is a new updated version of Randy Orton, now with hair! He will come[...]
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#TheViper @RandyOrton is focused on becoming a 2-TIME #USChampion tonight at #WWEBacklash! — WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2018 Following two big title matches, Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy followed suit for the US Championship This new rivalry has been going on for a few weeks, ever since Hardy upstaged Orton for an open challenge match on[...]
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Jeff Hardy was supposed to come out waaaaayyyyy back when Mattel started their WWE line back in 2010 Done up with his painted face and gear from the time, he instead left the company and the figure was pulled, much to the dismay of collectors Every now and again, a carded prototype would sneak out[...]
Jeff Hardy Crashes Car, Arrested for Driving While Impaired
WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy is reportedly ready to return from injury, just in time for WrestleMania and the Ultimate Deletion match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt However, that plan may have smashed into a guardrail and come to a screeching halt last night, as Hardy reportedly did the same with his Cadillac, causing an[...]
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The gimmick culminated in several special events filmed at the North Carolina compound owned by Matt and his brother Jeff Hardy, including Final Deletion and Total Nonstop Deletion The campy videos helped propel the Broken gimmick to cult status and led the Hardys back to WWE There, however, the Broken gimmick was halted by a[...]
raw 25 poker
Joining the already playing team is Jeff Hardy, The Usos, and MVP They've also realized (or at least, announced for the new comers) that Ted DiBiase is the closest ATM. Some more familiar faces have joined the poker game backstage…#RAW25 @JEFFHARDYBRAND @The305MVP @WWEUsos — WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) January 23, 2018 Oh, but wait! There's more! "I crunched the[...]
Delightful! Matt Hardy Has Won The War With Impact Over Broken Gimmick
Prior to that Matt and Jeff Hardy's Broken storyline was the one bright spot in a pretty lousy year… er… decade for the beleaguered wrestling promotion formerly known as GFW formerly known as TNA But when the Hardys left, Impact threatened Ring of Honor over potential use of that gimmick, even getting an ROH PPV[...]
gfw — #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) April 25, 2017 Since returning to WWE, Matt and Jeff Hardy have been basically reprising their Attitude Era gimmick, though Matt has been slipping in reference to both the Broken gimmick and his Version 1 gimmick, used originally in the early 200s, both subtly in on-screen interviews, and less subtly on[...]
WWE Reportedly Plans To Use Hardys' Broken Gimmick, Will Make Deal With That Owl
In particular, they've been hearing all of those "DELETE" chants and they know that the real money in a Hardys return, after the nostalgia money dries up, is in seeing Matt and Jeff Hardy reprise the BROKEN gimmick Unfortunately, that gimmick is tied up in a legal battle between the lawyers of Impact Wrestling owners[...]
Reby Hardy Files New Twitter Brief In Feud With TNA Over Broken Hardys Trademarks
Pro wrestling organization TNA is currently involved in a battle with its former talent, pro wrestlers Matt and Jeff Hardy, over their BROKEN gimmick The gimmick was one of the few bright spots of an otherwise dismal 2016 that saw the company almost taken over by Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan before finally being actually taken over by Anthem Sports[...]
Hardys Sign With Ring Of Honor, Win Tag Team Titles, Won't Return To WWE (Yet)
According to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Radio, Matt and Jeff Hardy are not returning to WWE as they've signed with Ring of Honor Meltzer claims that the deal is "long term," extending beyond the previous limit on Hardys booking that would have allowed for a post-Wrestlemania return The deal reportedly gives the Hardys creative control[...]
Matt Hardy Officially DELETES TNA As Hardys WWE Return Seems Likely
Confirming yesterday's reports that negotiations between Matt and Jeff Hardy and TNA Wrestling had broken down, Matt Hardy confirmed his departure from the company on Twitter last night: My stint with @IMPACTWRESTLING was DELIGHTFUL EXCEPTIONAL talent & locker room A great, respectful team that worked hard in tough times. — #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) February 28, 2017 My stint[...]
Are Matt and Jeff Hardy Coming To WWE?
Following months of speculation that Matt and Jeff Hardy would leave beleaguered TNA Wrestling and return to WWE when their contracts are up in March, it's heavily rumored that it's going to happen For a long time, though it's been known that the wrestling brothers have had the option of returning to WWE, it was[...]
Watch Wrestling's Crowning Achievement, Total Nonstop Deletion, For Free Right Now
The second most interesting thing going on in TNA wrestling, after the company's ongoing internal power struggles, has been the bizarre antics of Matt and Jeff Hardy, who have seemingly been given complete freedom to do whatever the hell they want, resulting in what can only be described as both the epitome of Wrestlecrap while[...]
TNA Wrestler Jeff Hardy Is Putting a New Album Out On Black Friday
This is former WWE champion, current TNA wrestler Jeff Hardy: Take a moment and imagine what kind of music you think he makes, based solely on that photograph with no other context Really picture it. Got it? Okay, now check out this video from 2013: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Music Video: "Every Other Day"[...]
TNA Wrestler #Broken Matt Hardy Says He Received Thousands Of Votes In U.S. Election
On Twitter yesterday, TNA wrestler Broken Matt Hardy revealed: A government agency just contacted & informed me that I've received 1000s of votes for President of the USA. How flattering & delightful! — #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) November 8, 2016 Later that night, filling his newfound role as a national political figure, Hardy felt compelled to give a speech to heal[...]