Let's Take a Look at The Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was supposed to come out waaaaayyyyy back when Mattel started their WWE line back in 2010. Done up with his painted face and gear from the time, he instead left the company and the figure was pulled, much to the dismay of collectors. Every now and again, a carded prototype would sneak out of somewhere and sell for stupid prices. But now that the House of Hardy has returned to the company, Mattel is wasting no time getting them into the line, with three different Jeff Hardy figures alone hitting stores now. Here we will take a look at the Entrance Greats figure, based off that original Elite 1 design.

I said this when I looked at the Kurt Angle figure: this packaging is completely unnecessary. The bottom part is just wasted space, and the box has nothing behind him. It is just a way to charge a premium price for a regular Elite figure, and that kind of sucks. The regular Elite box would more than suffice for these releases. The packaging also has an open spot for all you MOC collectors so you can hear part of Jeff's entrance theme.

Once you get him out of the obscene box, the detail on the paint job is the first thing you notice. All of the spots that could have had issues didn't, and the only place I saw paint splotches were on the back of his feet by the heel. The production paint on the face is stellar, and his tattoos are vibrant. I'm also glad they went with a cloth shirt here. For that price, they better — it makes all the difference in these Elites.

Jeff is really easy to pose and features great articulation. The little piece of entrance ramp with the sound chip in it is fine, but I won't use it on my displays, so it will go into a box never to be seen again. The sound clip is crisp and clear though.

Overall, unless you wanted to add this figure in 2010 and couldn't, or you're really in love with this version of Jeff, I would skip it. Get the Elite 57 version that is also hitting stores now, for less. Better yet, get the Epic Moments set from last year's WrestleMania that comes with Matt Hardy and the Raw Tag Team titles as well. While the figure itself is fine, he is way overpriced, and there is not enough in the package to justify it.

If you would like to buy this one, you can do so right here.

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