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Mondo Vinyl A Quiet Place Release 1

Mondo Music Release of the Week: A Quiet Place Soundtrack!

The second directorial feature for John Krasinski, A QUIET PLACE is an incredibly tense monster movie as original as it is scary.The score by Marco Beltrami is an absolute tour-de-force - it's basically another character in the film It can be forceful and bludgeoning one minute, and quiet and reflective the next His players twist[...]

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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: Trump, Clinton, Kennedy Set the Tone in 'Presidents' Clip

[caption id="attachment_878343" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Amazon[/caption]With the streaming service's Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan set to premiere August 31st on their Prime video service, Amazon celebrated the Fourth of July by releasing a new teaser for the upcoming series entitled "Presidents."Accompanied by a cover of Bob Dylan’s 'All Along the Watchtower' performed by rapper Devlin and Ed Sheeran,[...]

John Krasinski on Jack Ryan: "It's Nice to Focus on Real People and Real Heroes"

And stepping into the shoes of the CIA analyst that were once worn by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine is now the former star of The Office, John Krasinski The actor, along with fellow series stars Wendell Pierce and Dina Shihabi, joined the co-creators at a premiere event at the Monte-Carlo[...]


Amazon Prime Releases New 'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' Trailer

He is being played by John Krasinski, who picks up the role from previous actors Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine While the five films (Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Sum of All Fear, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) adapted the novels, the new series is an[...]

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Amazon Renews Jack Ryan Before Season 1 Premiere

Either Amazon really likes what it's seen so far from their upcoming Jack Ryan series, or the streaming service is afraid that star John Krasinski is going to start getting way more busy after the film A Quiet Place, which he wrote, directed, executive produced and starred in Either way they have already renewed the series[...]

[Spoiler-Free] A Quiet Place Review: The Best Movie of the Year So Far

John Krasinski has crafted a masterpiece here, and A Quiet Place is the best film of 2018 so far.We open in the world as we know it torn asunder in the year 2020 Creatures have landed on our planet, hunting anything they can find in packs They attack based on sound, so silence is golden[...]

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Amazon Releases Super Bowl Ad for Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

This will be the first time Ryan, now played by John Krasinski, will be in a television series Previously he has been the focus of multiple films and portrayed by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine To promote the new series, Amazon has booked a commercial during the Super Bowl.The new series[...]

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Panel

NYCC 2017: Thank The CIA For Amazon's Jack Ryan Series

I would absolutely continue watching from the quick peek that we received.The panel consisted of lead actor John Krasinski (The Office, 13 Hours), Abbie Cornish (Limitless, Sucker Punch), Graham Roland (Fringe, Almost Human), and Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel, Lost) Though Krasinski dominated the audience Q&A portion of the panel, it was Cuse who held the[...]

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John Krasinski Is Jack Ryan In New Teaser Trailer

The new series starts John Krasinski as the CIA Analyst who keeps finding himself in the middle of the action and Wendell Pierce plays James Greer, the guy who keeps putting John in harm's way.  The series is based on the character created by Tom Clancy who has starred in 9 novels of his own[...]

Jack Ryan

Amazon Releases Second Jack Ryan Teaser Trailer

The new series puts John Krasinski (The Office) in the titular role of Tom Clancy's CIA analyst that seems to be constantly finding his way into global level threats He's like the CIA version of Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote (How come no one ever investigated how that woman had bodies dropping everywhere she[...]

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Amazon Teases Their Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Series With A $10 Bill

The new series is from Carlton Cuse (The Strain, Lost) and Graham Rowland (Almost Human, Fringe) and will star John Krasinski (The Office) in the titular role Krasinski is the fifth person to step into the role of the CIA analyst, following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine[...]

John Krasinski Remembers His Avengers Near Miss

While appearing on Conan last night, actor John Krasinski recalled the time he auditioned for Captain America: The First Avenger While initially confident, a brush with another Avenger spelled the end of his run with the character. it all worked out for Krasinski as he'll be the new Jack Ryan in the upcoming Amazon series[...]

#22PushUpChallenge Gets Some Star Support

by a charity named Combat Stress which seeks to raise awareness and funds for veterans’ mental health initiatives.A fan tagged Chris Pratt with it, he brought in his wife Anna Faris and it took off from there including Vincent D'Onofrio, Scott Eastwood and John Krasinski.#22PushupChallenge @canadinoutlaw @TheRock @vincentdonofrio @johnkrasinski — chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) August 13, 2016#22PushupChallenge @ChrisEvans[...]

John Krasinski Is The New Jack Ryan

Joining a group that includes Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine, The Office star John Krasinski will be the new Jack Ryan.The actor will star as the Tom Clancy character in a series for Amazon, according to Deadline Lost's Carlton Cuse will produce the series through Paramount TV and Michael Bay's Platinum[...]

New 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Trailer Takes A Nightvision Look At A True Story

Paramount Pictures released a new trailer for the upcoming 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.  Michael Bay brings his distinctive talents to the true story of the six member security team who fought to defend the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, after it was attacked on September 11, 2012.[youtube][/youtube]Starring stars James Badge Dale,[...]

Rumour: John Krasinski Taking A Dinosaur Tamer Job On Jurassic Park 4?

Now we're hearing that The Office star John Krasinski is up for a role as one of the theme park workers in charge of 'taming' some of the dinosaurs. Well, I don't know about John Krasinski but I can at least substantiate the bit about this new film having scenes in a functional Jurassic Park[...]

The Bleeding Cool Review – Promised Land

Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool.This is an anti-fracking movie.To Promised Land's detriment and perhaps even the detriment of their cause, there's no subtlety in the way Matt Damon and John Krasinski present their very pointed views on this politically charged environmental topic.Damon and Krasinski co-wrote the film, which is clearly a passion project, and[...]