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Marvel Solicits
In which Knull, the god of the symbiote, had one of his "earliest attempts at birthing life from the darkness of non-creation." Peter David and Greg Land Create Sequel To The King In Black Peter David and Greg Land Create Sequel To The King In Black SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN: KING IN BLACK #1 (OF 5) Peter David (W) • GREG[...]
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Here's a preview image from Marvel Comics for The King In Black, from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman coming in December, stating "Darkness Reigns" Maybe it's a Marvel sequel to Death Metal? The imagery does feel a little familiar… KING IN BLACK #1 Written by DONNY CATES Art and Cover by RYAN STEGMAN We knew a big Knull-related event is[...]
LEAK: Marvel Publishes Web Of Venom: Wraith a Month Ahead by Mistake
Did someone at Marvel see the Tom Taylor Injustice Year Zero leak and say 'hold my cappuccino'? Because it appears that the upcoming Web Of Venom: The Wraith one-shot was published digitally over the weekend over a month early, before being pulled off – but not before a number of folk head read it, a[...]
"Knull Is The King In Black"
But Knull is The King In Black, I mean I mean we all knew that But with these promotional images appearing on Bleeding Cool for the first time, it is official, ahead of the new The King In Black from Ryan Stegman and Donny Cates, and following on from their Absolute Carnage event, their run[...]
Marvel Joins Up Empyre and Knull With Web Of Venom: Empyre's End
Marvel has announced that October will bring a prelude to November's King In Black series with Web Of Venom: Empyre's End, which should handily and dandily link up the events of Empyre which saw a massive alien army heading towards Earth, with Knull, god of the symbiotes and his massive alien army heading towards Earth[...]
Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman Launch The King In Black in December
We know a big Knull-related event is coming from Donny Cates in the Marvel Universe, a sequel to last year's Absolute Carnage, with Ryan Stegman And this looks like the next step towards it The King In Black #1 by Cates and Stegman for December, and everyone wants in. Knull is coming, and when he[...]
Marvel Comics Announces Upcoming Knull Crossover Event
Last week, Bleeding Cool ran some gossip about upcoming plans from Marvel Comics for 2020/2021.  We mentioned that some comic book creative teams had not chosen to be part of the Empyre event, as many were "keeping their powder dry for the Big Knull Super Event, the cosmic sequel to Absolute Carnage led by Donny Cates and Jason Aaron for 2021[...]
No Empyre Pins, Sorry...
The choice to crossover or not is usually down to the lead creative team of that title, and the reason why most of the big books passed on tying in with Empyre is that they are all keeping their powder dry for the Big Knull Super Event, the cosmic sequel to Absolute Carnage led by[...]
Donny Cates is the bad boy of comics. — DONNY⚡️CATES (@Doncates) December 5, 2019 Where is this from? — DONNY⚡️CATES (@Doncates) December 5, 2019 After learning that the screencap came from Reddit, Cates decided to spoil his Thor run by revealing that Knull would not, in fact, feature in it, and that in fact it won't be tied to Cates' Venom run at all! Oh[...]
Venom #5 cover by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin
Spider-Man freed himself and Eddie from Knull, but he's out of web and without a means of slowing their descent Somehow, Eddie's symbiote sprouts wings, leaves Miles on a rooftop, and Venom has a very confused conversation with himself The symbiote reveals how it gained this new ability, and the two pay another visit to[...]
Venom #4 cover by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Knull explains his history and the history of his creations tracking back to the beginning of time Knull was born in the darkness of space, and he waged war against the early Celestials He killed many, and he created they symbiotes, initially, as weapons When he was finally defeated on his first excursion to[...]