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Graveyard Keeper's "Better Save Soul" DLC Launches Next Week
The folks at tinyBuild Games and Lazy Bear Games revealed when the next DLC for Graveyard Keeper will be released The game is still going strong as there are people who are doing everything they possibly can in that game And why not? It was one of the best releases the company has put out[...]
"Graveyard Keeper" Just Got New DLC Called "Stranger Sins"
TinyBuild Games and Lazy bear Games have added a new DLC pack to Graveyard Keeper, which adds in the ability to run a tavern You still have the ability to make terrible decisions about your graveyard, but now they're compounded with the fact you can get people drunk At an establishment you own! Enjoy the[...]
Swag & Sorcery is the RPG Sim for People Who Hate RPGs
Swag & Sorcery is Lazy Bear Games, Uroboros Games, and tinyBuild's answer to people who like Fantasy worlds but hate RPGs It is basically an RPG simulator in which you control several adventurers, send them out on missions, collect their gear, and then sell it You get all the joy of city building and RPG[...]
Chillin' With The Dead In 'Graveyard Keeper' At PAX West
If you didn't catch on by the name, this indie title from Lazy Bear Games has you running around as the main guy running a graveyard in what appears to be a 1500's town where they still burn people for being witches! You will attend to the dead, harvest organs, bury bodies, and collect money[...]