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No American Comics In The UK Between Christmas And The New Year
Of course, if you use one of the few European comic book stores using Lunar to order your DC Comics titles, you may be a week ahead of everyone else. Are any stores doing that? It would be interesting to know Otherwise, expect ComiXology UK to get more of a Christmas bump this year. Currently, DC Comics[...]
Death Metal #7 Second Epilogue Sets Up Something Beyond Future State
As a result, Lunar Distribution, which was distributing between half and a third of UCS' number, will be taking on an exclusive distribution deal with DC, distributing comic books to North American comic book stories in the direct market. However, as the switch is imminent, a number of books that will be distributed by Lunar to[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
After all, we were also able to discover that UCS had three-to-four times the volume of DC Comics than DCBS-formed Lunar had The remaining contract was until the end of the year, but I understand that DC Comics wanted to cut distribution margins further UCS couldn't see a way forward to pulled out And all[...]
Comic Store In Your Future
After my last article, when I mentioned not ever having any damages, the next Lunar shipment we received had damage I was quite surprised We looked over the box, and one of the corners had been caved in It had been hit so hard the second box inside of the outside box was also damaged[...]
Yesterday, Lunar Distributed Two Weeks Of DC Comics At Once
Some comic book stores that have signed up to Lunar Distribution (soon to be all of them) received yesterday's stack of comic books late last week But some received them yesterday, to go on sale the same day Consistency and reliability is not quite what it was But some stores who received their DC Comics[...]
Set up by Midtown Comics, it was recently revealed that this relationship was coming to an end at the end of the year, and all of DC Comics' North American comic shop distribution shifting to rival store DCBS's Lunar Distribution Bleeding Cool broke that news as well as also the news that it this was[...]
Some Comics Shops Are Now Regularly Breaking Street Dates
DC instead set up two new distributors, from their two biggest retail accounts, Midtown/UCS and DCBS/Lunar They also moved their on-sale date to Tuesdays And many retailers started getting those comic books the previous week When Diamond returned, the fee for the mystery shoppers was dropped and the service went away. With these temptations coming to[...]
DC Comics Publishing Numbers Will Be Cut From 20-25%
Bleeding Cool broke the news that UCS Comic Distributors would no longer be distributing DC Comics to comic book stores from January 2021 and that as a result, Lunar Distribution would be distributing all of the DC monthly titles in North America We also learned that this was UCS' decision rather than that of DC[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
We reported "DC Comics Drops UCS Comic Distributors For Lunar" and we were totally, 100% wrong DC Comics did not drop UCS UCS dropped DC Comics. DC Comics Didn't Drop UCS – UCS Dropped DC Comics Basically, it seems that Midtown Comics, owners of UCS, had enough of dealing with DC Comics, at a distributor level at[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
Lunar Distribution and UCS Comics Distributors, respectively, distributed DC Comics when Diamond were not and, when Diamond returned to distribution, DC Comics dropped Diamond completely Then, as Lunar and UCS struggled to distribute efficiently to Europe, DC went back to Diamond UK, first temporarily and then permanently It was the New Distributor Wars. Now DC Comics[...]
DC Comics Street-Date Fail - Comic Stores Not Playing By The Rules
Back the Wild West of comic book distribution this kind of thing saw rival distributors shipping comic books by air from one part of the country to another to gain an extra p[recious 24 hours for one store to beat its neighbours to the punch – so suddenly everyone had to do it, spending vast[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
While those who want to a cash-on-delivery payment system will instead receive a flat rate charge of $7.75 per order, in addition to shipping, excise and freight fees. Anyone know if Lunar Distribution are following up? AT least UCS have a nice new-looking logo. UCS Comic Distributors, the comic book distributor set up by Midtown Comics[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Updates COD and Credit Card Fees
While those who want to a cash-on-delivery payment system will instead receive a flat rate charge of $7.75 per order, in addition to shipping, excise and freight fees. What the other direct market DC distributor Lunar Distribution will do, is yet unknown But since there are a number of shops that can use both Lunar or[...]
Lunar Accounts Get CGC Slabbed DC Comics Free as Well as UCS
Turns out Lunar Distribution customers got one too – though there appears to have been some shipping delays this week – some retailers reported that their Diamond delivery yesterday arrived before their DC Comics delivery for once – even though the DC books are actually meant to go on sale yesterday But it was probably[...]