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World of Nintendo Wave 12 Figure 7
The wave will consist of four figures: Hammer Bro, a metal version of Mario, Iggy, and my personal favorite version of Mario, the Raccoon Mario! All feature accessories and more articulation than you would think with figures in this scale They are up for preorder now. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img[...]
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Nintendo's favorite gorilla Donkey Kong is making his way to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. In the main game, there were several direct references to Donkey Kong, the most memorable being a big Donkey Kong Rabbid boss However, while he was obviously part of the mash-up universe in some capacity, he was noticeably missing from the game's roster[...]
Mario Tennis Aces
It's been announced that Mario Tennis is going to be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch a little later this year. Today has been one full of a few surprises We just got a whole bunch of new Nintendo news for us to feast upon by way of the surprise Nintendo Direct, and amongst them[...]
Nintendo Hopes to Announce Their Mario Movie Partner Soon
Despite not being officially greenlit, the Mario movie is still relevant in the mind of Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima who spoke about the movie project in an interview with Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shimbun. credit//Nintendo When asked about the Mario movie rumors, Kimishima stated that he hopes to come to an an agreement with a partner soon and hopefully[...]
What's In The Box?!: Geek Fuel – December 2017
This month's shirt is called "Boss Battle" and depicts Mario and Bowser in the form of a Samurai fighting off a dragon version of Bowser This, by far, is the best shirt they've had all year The design of it alone makes me wish this was hanging on my wall somewhere, as the entire display[...]
super mario odyssey
Every TV franchise and half notable sports star seemed to have their own brand of breakfast goods, but sadly (?), that trend died away. Well, Super Mario is back to try and revive the licenced cereal craze According to Cerealousy, (imagine Bleeding Cool if we just talked about cereal), they caught wind that a Kellogg's Super Mario Odyssey themed cereal[...]
'Super Mario Odyssey' Becomes Fastest Selling Mario Title In America
This morning, Nintendo broke the news that Super Mario Odyssey became the fastest selling Mario title in the United States That includes the original Super Mario Bros (which had the benefit of being sold with the NES) and New Super Mario Bros Wii (which was the current record holder) The game sold more than 1.1 million units[...]
Mario Is Touring The Country As A Trailer Because Of Super Mario Odyssey
Before Mario explores the many wild and wonderful Kingdoms of the Super Mario Odyssey game when it launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system on Oct 27, he is taking off on a cross-country tour to explore some wild and wonderful locations in our world Mario's real-life odyssey starts in Los Angeles at Universal CityWalk on Oct[...]
Pixel Pals Travel To A Couple Realms In Nintendo
A Racoon Mario from Super Mario Bros 3, regular Mario from Super Mario World, and Red Link from the original The Legend Of Zelda. Like all Pixel Pals before them, they run on two AAA batteries that you load in from the back Super safe and secure without any issues The designs themselves are pretty well done,[...]
New Nintendo Video Shows Off More Shirtless Mario
Specifically, they spend about seven minutes exploring a few unseen areas in Super Mario Odyssey and give you a little bit more info and detail as to how the game operates in later levels. You wanted it and now you got it The latest Nintendo Minute video on YouTube takes a greater look at everyone's[...]
The Nipple Mod You Need: Adding Shirtless Mario To 'Super Smash Bros.'
Shirtless Mario is still trending on Twitter, and there's just no way to combat that until Super Mario Odyssey comes out on the Nintendo Switch on October 27th But until then, there may be a way for you to get a little bit of satisfaction from the ex-plumber in another game A game modder going[...]
Rocket League Will Be Adding Nintendo Themed Cars
These include two designed after the Super Mario Bros (Mario & Luigi) and one designed to look like Samus from Metroid. You can check out the full preview video below of what the cars will look like, but just from the preview alone, these look like awesome additions to the game and I kind of wish[...]
More News & Rumors Being Leaked Online About The 'Mario + Rabbids' Game
A couple different websites like Nintendo World Report, Gematsu and are saying they're getting info from "sources at Ubisoft" about the new Nintendo Switch game on the way called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle No one is really citing anyone specifically, so it's hard to decide whether to take these rumors at face value or[...]
A Rumored Mario/Rabbids Game Is In The Works For The Switch
Reported earlier today by Kotaku, Ubisoft is apparently working with Nintendo to create a game called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch. credit//Ubisoft While the story doesn't name anyone specifically, the website says they received art assets confirming the existence of the game and that it will be an RPG[...]
Super Mario Odyssey Is The First Nintendo Switch Outing For Mario
We were tipped off to a new Mario game existing in the initial Nintendo Switch reveal trailer There wasn't too much revealed, but it looked colourful and bright and I think most of us wanted more. And more we got The game is called Super Mario Odyssey This is the first 'open world Mario game' since[...]
Super Mario Run Is Available For Pre-Register On Android
When Super Mario Run launched I feel every complaint, after the game's price, was the question of an Android release It remained quiet for a little while, but worry not users of the platform, the game is coming. While we don't have a date past '2017' right now, Nintendo did tweet that you can pre-register to[...]
PSA: Super Mario Run Is Out Now
Super Mario Run is about to set the world on fire, and you can now make the leap yourself too. The game has now been released, and you can go get it yourself this second if you so choose The app is expected to make $60 million, based on a report from analysts SuperData, so somewhat[...]
Super Mario Run Gets Its Release Date, New Gameplay And A Price
Super Mario Run is going to be a pretty big deal when it happens Getting Mario onto iOS has long been a dream of the tech community and we are finally going to see it happen. We have a whole bunch of details on it thanks to an info dump today too It's been announced the[...]
Miyamoto Says We Probably Shouldn't Expect Mario In VR Anytime Soon
Since then, especially with the resurgence of the the tech, Nintendo have indicated that they do not believe in the tech. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto seems to have reiteratred that sentiment in an interview with USA Today Speaking about the posibillity of Mario jumping to VR now that he is coming to the mobile devices, the[...]
Mario Is Coming To iOS This Year In Mario Run
Well, then. I wasn't expecting this. It has just been announced during the Apple Event that Mario is finally coming to the app store The game is called Mario Run It is unsurprisingly an runner game where you will be jumping across the level and you will be able to compete with friends in head to head[...]
Japan's Prime Minister Appeared As Mario During Rio Olympic's Closing Ceremony
It's a passing of the literal and figurative torch. Japan, who are set to host the 2020 Olympics, did it in style last night too, with the country having a segment dedicated to Super Mario The best bit? Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeared out of a green pipe with a Mario like hat on his head. The moment[...]
The Orginal Starter Pokemon Are Coming To Super Mario Maker
The three starter Pokemon will be coming to Super Mario Maker  Yup, that is Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander To get them all you will have to do is do the three event courses They look lovely and have original sounds and all to really sell it. To see them in action, check out this little video[...]
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Gets A Rather Beautiful Trailer
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has really snuck up this year It was announced at E3, and it is now just around the corner Next month, the cast of Mario characters will be making their way onto the tennis court on November 20th. To get us in the mood, Nintendo have released this trailer which I actually[...]
Super Mario Maker Has Sold 1 Million Copies Worldwide
Super Mario Maker has been everywhere of late You can't go two clicks on Twitter or YouTube without getting tons of digitised codes for created levels thrown in your face And that is great It's amazing to see people getting so creative with game design. That is why I'm not surprised to hear the the game[...]