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The best indication we have of how individual titles are doing is the near-endless stream of press releases announcing first-issue sellouts and the reprints that inevitably follow, but what does that tell us beyond that? Halcyon days with a marketshare chart from Diamond five years ago. With Marvel, Dark Horse, and IDW now ensconced at Penguin Random[...]
Venom Tops Top 500 Diamond September 2020 Comics Chart and Marketshare
The top 500 lists follow after the marketshare… no DC Comics of course, as DC left Diamond, but it does allow Image Comics to get a couple into the top ten And Spawn would have definitely made it anyway. Venom Tops Diamond Comics Top 500 September 2020 Chart,  Top Ten Bestsellers Of September 2020. VENOM #28 X OF SWORDS[...]
We were wondering where the Diamond Comic Distributors March 2020 marketshare statistics might have got to Well, it has been a peculiar month Rather than the usual Friday/Monday release, we are getting the marketshare and top tens today followed by the full stats tomorrow So here we go, Spider-Woman and all. As it stands comic book[...]
Almost One In Every Two Comics Ordered in February 2020 Was From Marvel as X-Men Dominate Marketshare
But later today, Bleeding Cool will run a marketshare-per-capita study to see how individual publications are performing. Among the premier publishers, Todd McFarlane and Jason Shawn Alexander's Spawn #305 was Image Comics' best-selling book in February at #38; BOOM! Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3 ranked #55; IDW Publishing's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika #1 was their top book[...]
Dynamite Third For Per-Capita Marketshare For January 2020, Ablaze Beats IDW
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's Monthly 'Per Capita' List.  The usual comics industry marketshare shows how much share of the overall market a comics publisher has But the Per Capita list takes that figure and divides it by the number of new titles they publish in that month. We've already looked at publisher marketshare in the North[...]
Incoming #1
Last week, Bleeding Cool ran the marketshare statistics from Diamond Comic Distributors Which stated that Marvel Comics topped charts with a 40.20% dollar market share and a 44.72% unit share While DC Comics came second with a 29.29% dollar market share and a 30.74% unit market share But Diamond says that "due to the skip[...]
Marvel Comics Still Dominated Marketshare-Per-Capita in April 2019 - if Not By 50%
A Marketshare-Per-Capita chart The usual comics industry marketshare shows how much share of the overall market a comics publisher has This divides it by the number of titles they publish in that month. We've already looked at publisher marketshare in the North American direct market of comic book shops for April 2019, as Marvel took 50% of[...]
Comics "Per Capita" Marketshare Tells A Different Story For May 2016
This is an attempt to run a slightly different filter over May's comic book marketshare figures It may work, it may not Tell me what you think. We've run the May marketshare figures which shows Marvel way up ahead and Dark Horse way down But a lot of this may have more to do with the[...]
Batman Beats Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Into 2nd Place In March Charts And Marketshare
In fact, with Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Deadpool and International Iron Man, the launch of Marvel's Avengers crossover event, usually expected to be closer to the top, only ekes into tenth place. But for all that, not too much has changed between the direct market Diamond comic book marketshare, between February to March Marvel have dropped their[...]
Marvel Had Twice DC's Marketshare In January, But Walking Dead Outsold Secret Wars
DC Entertainment was the month's number two publisher with a 22.16% dollar share and a 24.02% unit share. The month saw Marvel reversing marketshare gains that DC Comics has made in recent months December saw DC bring the marketshare gap between the two publishers to less than eight points, but January has seen that trend reversed[...]
Secret Wars Beats Loot Crate As Marvel Increase Marketshare For May 2015
Previously, Amazing Spider-Man, Walking Dead, Star Wars and Orphan Black all topped the chart in the month they were published. Everything else in the chart was Secret Wars, Convergence or Star Wars, with Marvel getting 7 to DC's 2 and Boom's 1. In March, Marvel had a fifteen point lead in terms of marketshare over DC Comics. In[...]
Star Wars Sees Marvel Sell Almost 1 In Every 2 Comics In January
Last month, DC Comics started to crawl marketshare back from Marvel without any special reason No 3D covers, no relaunch, hey were just starting to sell more comics. Then Star Wars happened And Marvel sold almost half of every comic book sold by Diamond Comic Distrubutors to North American comic book stores in January 2015 DC[...]