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The Daily LITG, 17th March 2020, Happy Birthday Matt Miner
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday "Always Sunny" Star Rob McElhenney Proposes Coronavirus Prod Plan "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.": Gregg, Bennet Support Early S07 Drop Funko Emerald City Comic Con: Our Top 5 Pop Picks "Batwoman": PA Amanda Smith Paralyzed On Set; Under Investigation Batman Has His Very Own Armory With[...]
Death Trap: Matt Miner and Chris Peterson Deliver Revenge in a Mercury Cougar
Death Trap is a brand new "carsploitation" comic book series that launched on Kickstarter today, from the creative team of handsome writer Matt Miner, artist Christopher Peterson, colorist Josh Jensen, and letterer Matt Krotzer, about a girl named Ollie teaming up with her dead father's ghost (which haunts a classic Mercury Cougar) to seek revenge[...]
New GWAR OGN The Enormogantic Fail Revisits the Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7
We didn't get that news out of New York Comic Con, but close enough! A new GWAR comic has been announced, a 96-page graphic novel by Matt Maguire, Matt Miner, and more Called GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail, the comic's story was explained in an update to GWAR: Orgasmageddon Kickstarter backers: The story's gonna involve the telling[...]
poser waxwork comics
But what if some of these creeps were real? In Waxwork Comics' Poser #1, writer Matt Miner explores that very idea. On Redondo Beach, California in 1982, a group of punks are teasing a hapless young man who just wants to fit in Tired of constantly being teased, he kills two of his bullies Fast forward[...]
Poser #1 cover by Clay McCormack
In 1982, a pair of punk rocker friends are killed by someone who is come to be known as the Poser. In the present, a new group of punk rock friends are stalked by someone resembling the Poser. Is it a good read?
Granbo Censors GWAR: Orgasmageddon #2 Preview So Bleeding Cool Can Run It
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran some EXCLUSIVE extended previews of this week's books from Dynamite Entertainment, but there was one very important book missing, Gwar: Orgasmageddon #2 by Matt Miner, Matt Maguire, and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer The reason? Miner figured it out on Twitter: It's true And while we all agree that a return of the Comics[...]
Monsters Invade Third Eye Comics For GWAR #1 Signing
This past Wednesday, the new GWAR comic — Orgasmageddon — hit comic stores. To celebrate, Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD invited Beefcake, Bonesnapper, Sawborg, and writer Matt Miner to come out and mingle with the band's fans and fellow Third Eye faithful Copies of GWAR #1 were laid out across the table for fans to[...]
President Trump
When we brought it up on Twitter, Matt Miner, co-writer of the upcoming comic book GWAR: Orgasmageddon, pointed out that GWAR had a response of their own to the controversy: In the video, GWAR bassist Beefcake the Mighty complains that Griffin stole the band's bit "You think you're so shocking with your severed Trump head[...]
Exclusive First Look Inside GWAR: Orgasmageddon #1
The series, GWAR: Orgasmageddon, is written by Matt Maguire and Matt Miner with art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer We exclusively have five interior pages by Sawyer from the new series along with covers by Sawyer, Scott Wygman, a coloring book cover by Sawyer, a photo cover of the band and the Blank Authentix edition which[...]
Toe Tag Riot Rocks A Hardcore Message
The very end of this issue gives us a glimpse of what this group of zombies don't have a problem eating: the worst humanity has to offer. Matt Miner has given this comic such a strong voice, and the message is bright in a dark world I can appreciate that this is not your ordinary zombie[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics(UPDATE)
They say: "Celebrating the release of a new 320 page hard-cover anthology, artist/editors Peter Kuper, Seth Tobocman, Sabrina Jones and Sandy Jimenez will give you a behind the scenes history of the of the long-running zine's past, present and future with visual presentations". Wednesday, October 1st JHU Comics at 32 East 32nd Street in New York will[...]
Preview 'A Boy And His Rage', An All-New Story From Liberator: Rage Ignition Out Today
Since the Black Mask Studios comic Liberator, created by Matt Miner, launched in single issues in 2013, it has certainly generated attention and plenty of critical acclaim for its concepts, artwork, and resistance to talking about the frustrations of social change in simplistic terms. This week the first collected edition, Liberator: Rage Ignition reaches shops, and[...]
4 Things About Liberator: Salvation of Innocents Issue 1
One of the jewels in the crown of their opening line up was Liberator, the Matt Miner-scripted animal liberation/vigilante/superhero book I was very fond of it at the time and remain so Now, the sequel, Salvation of Innocents, has kicked off, accompanied by an album due shortly from Earth Crisis Here are the four things[...]
Things to Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
The Society of Illustrators is located at 28 East 63rd Street (between Park and Lexington Avenues) in New York. Saturday, March 8th  At "An Afternoon With Hardcore Legends" see the band Earth Crisis and comic creator Matt Miner (of Black Mask Studios) in store at Fourth World Comics at 33 Route 111, Smithtown, Long Island, New York,[...]
Earth Crisis And Liberator Collaborate For An Album And Comic Book, Salvation Of The Innocents, And New Liberator Stories From An All-Star Team
Inspired by the stories of Jeanette and Damon's animal liberations, Sarah pulls on her own mask and sets out to rescue the tortured animals. And the creative team are: Creator: Matt Miner Producer: Matt Pizzolo Writers: Matt Miner, Earth Crisis Illustrators: Javier Aranda (pencils/inks), Joaquin Pereyra (colors). Cover A: Menton3 Cover B: Rod Reis Here are some PR quotes. "Earth Crisis has wanted to[...]
The Lessons of Liberator
Based on Liberator, his work has only just begun to bare its teeth.   Liberator is published by Black Mask and is written by Matt Miner, with pencils and inks by Javier Sanchez Aranda and colors by Joaquin Pereyra It's lettered and edited by Vito Delsante and the art for the extras is provided by Yasmin Liang[...]
Help Steve Niles' Post-Flood Rebuild In An Ongoing Auction (UPDATE)
The impact was devastating. The comics community began to respond immediately on the 13th, trying to set up platforms for donation, and creator Matt Miner (Liberator, a fellow member of Black Mask Studios with Niles) actually set out to collect original art and donations for auction at the con itself Miner had experienced a home flooding[...]
Five Reasons You Should Be Reading Liberator
Written by Matt Miner and illustrated by Javier Sanchez Aranda, Joaquin Pereyra, Vito Delsante with excellent extras art by Yasmin Liang and Kathryn Mann  , it's the point where superheroics and Black Mask's interest in contemporary social commentary collide The fourth issue is out shortly and here are five good reasons to catch up on[...]
Liberator #2 Steps Up Its Game
By involving the reader in the story, by portraying animal suffering directly, it creates an experience rather than drawing attention to an idea, and suggests that keeping things simple, and refraining from plugging only one method of enacting change, is the best way to speak to the reality of the problem itself. Written by Matt Miner,[...]
Five Things About Liberator Issue One
Created and written by Matt Miner, who's an active dog rescuer himself, with pencils and inks by Javier Sanchez Aranda, colours by Joaquin Pereyra, lettering and editing by Vito Delsante and extras art by Yasmin Liang, the book follows Damon Guerrerro, an animal liberator who surveils, tracks and sabotages groups responsible for animal cruelty Superficially[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Tom Morello And Matt Miner
It's a book deserving of a wider audience, so if you missed the original run of the series you can still pick it up in trades. We also have TWO very exciting interviews for you to enjoy this week … First up, I chat with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman) about writing[...]