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Emma Beeby's Commentary On Swords Of Sorrow: Pantha / Jane Porter
Her one-shot special focuses on the characters of Pantha from the Vampirella series and Jane Porter from Tarzan The cover for the issue was done by Mirka Andolfo while the interiors were by Rod Rodolfo. Page 2 I knew I was going to have quite a task in introducing these two characters, because we've never really met[...]
Exclusive: Swords Of Sorrow Adds Pantha And Jane Porter To The Mix In August
With it being the fourth month of the all-female written summer event, we have the Vampirella / Jennifer Blood series wrapping up and a new special featuring Pantha and Jane Porter from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan universe. Swords of Sorrow #4 (OF 6) Covers: Tula Lotay and Emanuela Lupacchino Writer: Gail Simone Art: Sergio Davila The wildest Dynamite crossover[...]
José Ortiz Dies, Aged 81
A Spanish, or Catalan artist, he worked on comics including Warren's Apocalypse, Night of the Jackass and Coffin in Eerie, and Pantha in Vampirella. He also co-created Hombre with Antonio Segura in the magazine Cimoc, as well as founding the publishing house Metropol in the eighties.During that period he also worked on British comics Eagle, Scream and considerable work[...]
The Spider #2 Extended Preview And Other Dynamite Peeks
Vampirella, Red Sonja, Kulan Gath, Dracula, Eva, Herbert West The Reanimator, Allan Quatermain, Athena, Dorian Gray, Purgatory, Pantha and many more choose sides and clash in battles that will decide the fate of the Earth and all of mankind Will the forces of good be able to stop the end of days? Or will an[...]
Preview: Pantha #1 by Brandon Jerwa and Pow Rodix
Dynamite Entertainment are reviving the Harris character Pantha in a new series that will definitively prove that the nineties are back. She stalks the night, driving the forces of Chaos from the shadows and hunting them down like prey! Much more than a feral shapeshifter, Pantha is also an avatar for the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet – and she's[...]