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Punchline Special #1 is out next week, with the Batman villain getting her one one-off special We saw her try and get out of being prosecuted for being the Joker's accomplice in The Joker War The Punchline Special looks like her continuance of that journey, to raise public support, paint herself as a victim of[...]
Three Jokers Book 3 - And Punchline - Are Sequels To The Killing Joke
This makes three-for-three direct sequels of Alan Moore work from Geoff Johns, The Three Jokers, Doomsday Clock and Blackest Night. Three Jokers Book 3 – And Punchline – Are Sequels To The Killing Joke But he's not alone in this The upcoming Punchline one-shot by James Tynion IV,Sam Johns and Mirka Andolfo goes into similar areas, with[...]
Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics
Punchline knows all about The Killing Joke – just not how it went down. 6 The Smile Bar is a hangout for Grinners, Joker henchmen who can't work for other crime bosses, because of their mental and physical changes. 7 Barbara Gordon is still Oracle, going into 2021 She can see Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as[...]
Batman #100 - How Punchline Gets Away With It (Spoilers)
Could it be a Luke/Timothy Fox Batman title? Maybe it's a Punchline ongoing series? Maybe Ghost-Maker or Clownhunter get their own title? In his newsletter, Empire Of The Tiny Onion, Tynion shared some of his plans, in relation to the Future State two-month gap planned for DC Comics in January and February, You'll be reading a lot[...]
Last-Minute Death Metal #3 Third Printing Greg Capullo Cover For FOC
Plus, the deep secret of the Darkest Knight is revealed-but how much darker could the Batman Who Laughs possibly get? And don't miss the surprise return of everyone's favorite wanna be Robin! Release Date: 11/10/2020 FOC Date: 10/18/2020 11:59:59 PM Retail : $4.99 Oh and go on, while we are here, Frank Cho's cover for Punchline #1… Last-Minute Death Metal[...]
Is Punchline The 5G Future State Version Of Harley Quinn?
Tynion also introduced a new character as the Joker's new girlfriend, Punchline And in the DC Comics January 2021 solicitations, we get a glimpse of where that story was originally headed Because Punchline was meant to be the 5G version of the now-aged Harley Quinn. The story has now been squished into the two-month Future State[...]
Scott Snyder Says Death Metal Is About Not BEing Allowed To Erase Your Mistakes
With a character like Punchline – we're starting to see in the same way that he has his own legacy and his own second generation of characters Now his villains have their own legacies and their own second generation of characters we're entering a new era of crime in Gotham City that has evolved out[...]
DC Comics Will Continue To Be Distributed By Diamond UK In 2021
Would a new UK distributor be appointed? Would UCS set up a British branch for sub-distribution? Or would British retailers just have to suck it up? Brian Bolland Punchline #1 – DC Comics Will Continue To Be Distributed By Diamond UK In 2021 Well, as of today, Diamond UK customers have been told that an agreement has[...]
Batman #100 - How Punchline Gets Away With It (Spoilers)
Punchline was the big breakout star of Batman heading into The Joker War storyline And in Batman #100, all the good guys win (ish) and all the bad guys lose (ish), what of Punchline? The Joker's new girlfriend, and someone who plays the game as much as he does? Batman #100 artwork. After all, Nightwing has her[...]
James Tynion IV Confirms He Was Going To Leave With Batman #100
PUNCHLINE's success showed me the hunger for key new characters in the Gotham mythos, and the fact that Joker War's ending was up in the air meant that I could rework some of the key elements to fast-track the introduction of CLOWNHUNTER And when the book became a sales Juggernaut and I was given the[...]
The Next Issue of Punchline is a Love Letter to James Bond
Comic book writer, Bill Williams, is the creator of Punchline No, not that one He writes for Bleeding Cool, Once upon a time, I was scrolling instead of writing Punchline scripts, and I landed on an article that revealed the bones of the plot for the new James Bond film In the story, Bond was replaced[...]
Punchline Returns In Antarctic Press November 2020 Solicits
Punchline returns to Antarctic Press in November, after a pandemic-related pause In the same month that DC Comics is publishing its first Punchline-titles comic book Could there be a war of Punchlines on the comic book stand? Though we did have simultaneous Moon Girls from Marvel and Moonstone… oh and check the cover to the[...]
DC Debuts
Which is why, for the Punchline one-shot, spinning out of The Joker War in November, DC announces that this issue will feature three Team Variant card stock covers by artists Derrick Chew, Peach Momoko, and Kael Ngu. Peach Momoko, Derrick Chew, Kael Ngu do Limited Punchline Variants In this issue, readers will learn how Alexis Kaye became[...]
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DC Comics is issuing a free Batman #92 Retailer Appreciation variant featuring a black-and-white Punchline design on the cover, one copy per store Nancy Spears, VP – Sales, or at least that was her position the last time we checked in, we hear she has been going up in the world at DC, stated "This special[...]
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Bleeding Cool told you back in early June that it looked as if Punchline was to get her own comic book from DC Comics as Darran Robinson, Associate Art Director of Periodical Covers talked about designing a logo for her Today the second dagger dropped… In November, DC Comics will be publishing a 48 page one-shot[...]