Toy Fair New York: Quantum Mechanix Q-Figs Are All the Rage, 1:6 Scale Figures Steal the Show

Quantum Mechanix has a pretty popular booth at this year's Toy Fair New York. When I was there today trying to move around, a big crowd of people was swarming the booth trying to get a glimpse of the latest offerings in their insanely popular Q-Figs line. I have a couple of these, but judging from what they were showing off in the case, that number will be going up.

I am totally in love with that Deadpool with the unicorns. The coolest part of these figures are the bases. Yes, the figures look awesome, but the action poses and environments they place them in make them feel more unique then similar products. Plus, they are just adorable. Look at that Hagrid and Harry on the cycle down there. I mean, come on. that is just awesome.

I also really get a kick out of their Supernatural plushes. They look so cute with their little beady eyes and are instantly recognizable. The mirror universe Tribble is cute, too. They have a pretty great-looking Planet Express ship from Futurama, and are continuing their Star Trek badges, and adding in a sick-looking Pacific Rim one. The full-size batarang is also pretty spiffy.

But I was blown away by their 1:6 scale figures display. Now I am not a really big Star Trek or Supernatural fan, but these things look so great I was ready to buy them on the spot. That Picard is mind-blowing; such an incredible likeness, and outfits look sharp as well. Where I will be spending my money and I wish I could get it right now is their 1:6 scale Pennywise from last year's hot film It. Pennywise is everywhere at this show, and this one is the best one I have seen. Put details on the S.S. Georgie!

Check out everything Quantum Mechanix had in their booth down below.

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