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The Life Of Brians: LATE Superman #19 and Birds Of Prey Black Label
Superman #19, featuring the continued story of Superman's secret identity reveal from Brian Bendis, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, was meant to be out in a week-and-a-bit Looks like the New Year celebrations may be delaying things a little as the comic has now been pushed back two weeks from January 8th to January 22nd,[...]
Today We Discover Why Lois Lane Did It (Superman #43 SPOILERS)
We learnt on Free Comic Book Day (okay, Bleeding Cool told you a little bit before that) that Lois Lane had outed Superman's secret identity to the world. And he wasn't happy. And while we have seen the impact of that across a number of Superman titles… …in the main Superman comic, we've still been living in the build[...]
The State Of Superman's Secret Identity In Doomed And JLA, Today
In the the main Supertitles, Superman has had his secret identity revealed as Clark Kent But not in Justice League Not In Bizarro and not, it seems, in Doomed Because while in the main titles we have seen Clark Kent's neigbourhood come out and support him with a street party (before the threat of being[...]
Is Superman's Secret Identity About To Go Wide?
Because, not only are we having a new costume change three issues after the old costume change… Bleeding Cool understands that Superman's secret identity will be exposed to more folk, as this handy photoshopping of the cover to Superman #41 demonstrates Lois, Cat and Perry? The staff of the Daily Planet? The whole of Metropolis? Everyone? In the old DC[...]
So Who Else Knows Tim Drake's Secret Identity?
More of a blip is the observation that, after doing his best to keep his identity secret, even from his team-mates, Wonder Girl has his name, with secret identity image, on their phone contacts. I do hope that isn't stored in the Cloud.   The most recent issue of Teen Titans #5 out this week may have some New[...]