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Talia Al Ghul, The New Big Bad Of DC Comics? (Spoiler)
The Shadow War is over Talia al Ghul is paying for the sins of her father This coming Tuesday sees the publication of Detective Comics #1061, Robin #15 and Deathstroke Inc #10 Deathstroke is basically Deathstroke: Year One, but Robin and Detective Comics are looking to the future Spoilers of course Damian Wayne wants to[...]
DC Comics Prepares For Next Week's Dark Crisis #1 (Spoilers)
The more obvious Justice League: The Road To Dark Crisis but also the slightly less obvious Shadow War Omega The most recent Justice League #75 saw the death of the Justice League, and the Road looks at how that plays out With Nightwing refusing to be part of a new Justice League, as they will[...]
Cover image for Shadow War: Omega #1
In this preview of Shadow War: Omega #1, we learn that Geo-Force started the Shadow War because Event Leviathan rocked him to his core… literally Because he was hit in the face by a giant rock AND THE GEO-FORCE UNIVERSE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME AGAIN! Obviously Check out the preview below. SHADOW WAR: OMEGA #1 DC[...]
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The Shadow War event showrun by Josh Williamson comes to its almost-conclusion today with new issues of Robin #14 and Deathstroke Inc #9 Deathstroke has been framed for the assassination of Ra's Al Ghul, just as he was to co-operate with the authorities over centuries of crimes. Back in Batman: Shadow War: Alpha One-Shot, Ra's Al[...]
Who Are The Warriors Of Ji In World's Finest? (Spoilers)
Newly appeared as part of Talia Ghul's Demon's Shadow group of assassins being used to take down Deathstroke for allegedly murdering her father Ra's Al Ghul, with a cameo and full appearance in previous issues of Batman and Robin as part of the Shadow War crossover But now? It turns out that she is well[...]
Talia Al Ghul Entered The Lazarus Pit Way Earlier (Shadow War Zone)
In the recent Robin series, leading up to the current Shadow War event written by Josh Williamson in Robin, Deathstroke and Batman, the appearance of Lazarus' mother and her own relationship with the Lazarus Pits suggests a longer history than that And in today's Shadow War Zone anthology title, we see another personal note, with[...]
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But Shadow War Zone #1 tomorrow reveals that Harley Quinn did once join the Secret Society Of Super-Villains. And now Luke Fox, Batwing, is considering Harley Quinn for his own team. And she is not alone in his picks. And the team is being formed by Luke Fox and Lashina, the Jack Kirby-created supervillain and goddess[...]
Cover image for Shadow War Zone #1
Black Canary wants to take care of Deathstroke in this preview of Shadow War Zone #1… but she has to go through Angel Breaker first in this extraneous cash-grab tying into the Shadow War event Check out the preview below. SHADOW WAR ZONE #1 DC Comics 0322DC015 0322DC016 – Shadow War Zone #1 Howard Porter Cover – $5.99 (W) Various[...]
PrintWatch: Deathstroke Inc #8, Robin #13,
PrintWatch: Deathstroke Inc. #8 and Robin #13, Parts Three and Four of Shadow War, respectively, will receive Second Printings on Final Order Cutoff on the 15th of May, with an on-sale date of the 7th of June. PrintWatch: Quest's Aside, Shadow War, Amazing Spider-Man & Punisher PrintWatch:  Deathstroke Inc. #8 Second Printing, by Williamson and artist Paolo Pantalena, will arrive with a black-and-white[...]
DC Comics
Even as he is tying in his Batman, Robin and Deathstroke comics with Shadow War… Whether that's the new characters co-created by former Batman writer James Tynion IV with Ghost-Maker and Clownhunter, dealing with the Deathstroke gang. With Ghost-Maker getting a promotion to the guy running the international Batman group that Josh Williamson recently re-established in the[...]
Lex Luthor;s Influence Across DC Comics Today (Spoilers)
Bleeding Cool previously ran some Gotham Gossip about the current Shadow War crossover in Josh Williamson's Batman comics – namely Batman, Robin and Deathstroke Last week, we evaluated hw some of that had played out in Shadow War Alpha #1, today we get to see how it worked for Batman #122 We already saw Angel[...]
What Batman Said To Damian To Drive Him Away (Shadow War Spoilers)
There was much in last week's Gotham Gossip that is coming to light in today's Batman: Shadow War: Alpha One-Shot In which we know that Deathstroke kills Ra's Al Ghul So how did we do? Well, it happens, of course. Batman: Shadow War: Alpha One-Shot. With Deathstroke on the scene, the guilty party. But what about the details?[...]
Ra's Al Ghul is assassinated by Deathstroke in the upcoming Shadow War This we know But why? What else is going on? Time for some Friday night Gotham Gossip Spoilers ahead, of course You have been warned… Batman And Deathstroke Gotham Gossip For Shadow War (Spoilers) Inspired by Damian, to view the future of humanity by its[...]
DC Comics
Joshua Williamson has three big projects all kicking off at DC Comics right now, Rogues #1 which launches today, as well as the two continuity heavy Shadow War and Dark Crisis events, simultaneously We've already looked at how Dark Crisis is being set up (and 5G/Future State done away with) but there's plenty of Shadow[...]
DC Comics' April 2022 Solicits For Batman's Shadow War Crossover
Bleeding Cool has been following the breadcrumbs for Batman's Shadow War, the event that brings the Ra's Al Ghuls back to the DC Universe in a big way Shadow War kicks off in March's Shadow War: Alpha #1 from DC Comics by Joshua Williamson and Viktor Bogdanovic. SHADOW WAR: ALPHA #1 Written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON Art by  VIKTOR[...]
More Azrael Coming From DC Comics For 2022 For His 30th Anniversary
Rewriting the history of Azrael, the Knights Templar, and their history with the family of Ra's Al Ghul points to possible involvement in the upcoming Shadow War event for 2022. Well, we also get the word of more Azrael for 2022, beyond Arkham City: Order Of The World More from Dan Watters and Nikola Cizmesija? Is this[...]
Ra's Al Ghul Returns To DC Comics in 2022 For The Shadow War
Something called the Shadow War And given extra fontage so that everyone noticed. Batman: Urban Legends #6 Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra's al Ghul Who hasn't been around for a bit in DC Comics continuity, rather starring in the Neal Adams' Batman Vs Ra's Al Ghul series instead He was heavily featured in Detective Comics issues[...]