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Funko Announced Virtual Con 2 with WonderCon Reschedule 
Lord of the Rings fans has a new collectible to look forward too as Iron Studios announces a pretty amazing statue This statue showcases Gollum in the cave as he contemplates this darkness This statue does have two head sculpts that lets you switch from a happy pose to a more pondering the water pose[...]
“Nightmare Before Christmas” Gets A Delightful Statue from Enesco
Enesco is bringing that magic alive with their newest statue that features an amazing feature This statue shows Nightmare Before Christmas characters Jack Skellington and his lovable skeleton dog Zero This statue features that favorite Halloweentown design and even has a couple of extra features built into the statue The statue does come loaded out[...]
“The Umbrella Academy” Gets Figure Replicas from Dark Horse
This time though, Netflix is giving us a blast to the past their 6 new figure statues of each of the Umbrella students Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number 5, and Ben are all back as their younger selves Each one is a fairly simple concept with each character in their student styled outfit Ben is[...]
Poison Ivy Brings Holiday Cheer with New DC Direct Statue
Poison Ivy is back and this time she is getting a new DC Bombshells statue from DC Direct The Bombshells line is something special with iconic DC heroines but with classic WWII pinup designs This time Poison Ivy is back but she is in the holiday spirit in her new statue She is sitting on[...]
Red Hulk Is a Beast in the New XM Studios Statue
This statue shows the true power of what obsession will do to a man It'll make him into a badass superhuman with a fiery touch! XM Studios is bringing this monster to life with their newest Marvel statue The detail and sculpt are something truly remarkable and it a beast on its own I love[...]
Deadshot Aims up His Show With New DC Direct Statue
This is one of five statues for this multi part collectibles piece Deadshot is sporting his classic outfit and is portrayed on a rooftop His companion on this side of the roof is Catwoman in the final connected piece These statues are slightly smaller than you would imagine but once the whole set is all[...]
Batman and Joker Are Getting New Statues from DC Direct
More statues are heading our way from DC Direct which was previously known as DC Collectibles These statues add more numbers to the largely growing Batman Black and White series We are also getting the first ever statue in the recently revealed Joker Black and White series which has fans ecstatic to get Each statue[...]
Beauty and the Beast Get Magical with New Enesco Statues
Enhance your Disney collection with some new Beauty and the Beast statues from Enesco Each one is special in its own way and has its own unique design Four statues are coming out, the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast, Beast by himself, fancy Belle, and Belle The ballroom scene statue is features both[...]
Harry Potter and Voldemort Go Head to Head with Iron Studios
Iron Studios is bringing that graveyard scene to life with their newest statues Harry Potter and Voldemort are getting the statue treatment as they duke it out for the first time The death on these two is pretty amazing especially with the emotion and face sculpts of each These are statues that can really excite[...]
GI Joe Baroness Gets Another Kotobukiya Statue for 25th Anniversary 
We have recently seen this statue before but it looks like Kotobukiya just loves GI Joe! Hell, I can't blame them either as these statues are beautifully crafted and sculpted to glorious perfection This is the second time we are seeing Cobra's Baroness this week, however, this one is based on a variant blue outfit[...]
Gi Joe Scarlett Shows Her Skills With Sex Appeal With Kotobukiya
Fans have another GI Joe statue to look forward to as the infamous Joe Scarlett is getting her own statue This statue is based on a 2008 figure variant of her featuring a sky blue outfit The sculpt on this piece is quite amazing and the Bishoujo style is lovely on these characters Her skin[...]
Kotobukiya Announces Delays Due to “Unforeseen Circumstances”
Most of these delays are only pushing some statues back either 1 or 2 months from March to April or March to May Let's hope the delays do not continue so collectors can continue to collect in a timely manner. The whole list of delays from Kotobukiya is what follows What was delayed for you? Dear Valued[...]
"Wreck It Ralph" and Vanellope Get an Adorable Statue from Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom wants us to solidify that movie with their newest Disney statue that features both Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope They are holding classic internet icons from their travels from like buttons to @ symbols Their design is simple and sweet and fans of the series would be happy with this Wreck it Ralph[...]
Batman and the Trinity Sport New Kicks in Unruly Industries Statues
This time Unruly Industries is bringing Batman and the gang together again with new designer style statue sporting some fresh kicks Each statue is wearing some stylish footwear that supports and goes with their costume and powers This seems like an odd collectible but the sneaker fandom is massive and these would honestly be perfect[...]