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SEGA Reveals Team Sonic Racing Is Headed To Amazon Luna
SEGA announced this morning that they will be bringing Team Sonic Racing over to Amazon Luna, Amazon's cloud gaming service The company revealed today that the racing title will head to the platform today along with other SEGA titles already there such as Sonic Mania Plus Basically, it means that if you have access to[...]
We're Giving Away PS4 Codes For "Team Sonic Racing"
Would you like a chance to win a copy of Team Sonic Racing for the PlayStation 4? All you need is a Twitter account to do so SEGA was kind enough to provide us some codes to give out, but we only have a small quantity In order to get one of these codes, it[...]
Team Sonic Racing's Unique Mechanics are a Double-Edged Sword
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] SEGA and Sumo Digital's Team Sonic Racing is a team kart racer that actually requires teamwork, which makes it rather unique The concept involves teams of three players working together to boost one another based on their racer-type abilities The three types – speed, power, and technique – all have their own special abilities which[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for May 21-27, 2019
Check out the entire list of this week's games below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! credit//Sega May 21st Assassin's Creed III Remastered (Switch) Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland (PC, PS4, Switch) Beat Saber (PC) Broken Sword V (Switch) Dauntless (PS4) Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria (PS4) Everybody's Golf VR (PS4) Killing Floor: Double Feature (PS4) The Last Door – Complete Edition[...]
Talking Team Sonic Racing with Sumo Digital's Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson is a Designer at Sumo Digital, the game development studio behind Sega's upcoming kart racer Team Sonic Racing We got a chance to meet up with Wilson at a demo event for the game and chat about the difficulties of developing a team kart racer that's actually cooperative. That was one of the initial troubles Sumo[...]
Team Sonic Racing is Fantastically Unique for a Kart Racer
credit// Sega Sega and Sumo Digital's Team Sonic Racing is similar to other kart racers, with straightforward controls on how to drive, break, turn, and drift The key with Team Sonic Racing is, of course, the word team You don't race alone in TSR, you always have two other racers working with you[...]
SEGA Presents Part tw
SEGA has released a brand new video this week for the animated version of Team Sonic Racing with part two of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive The animated short is from Tyson Hesse and Neko Productions as they're telling you a story in the middle of a race with all of your favorite characters We won't[...]
SEGA Gives Team Sonic Racing a New Gameplay Trailer
SEGA has released a brand new trailer this week for Team Sonic Racing, this time around we finally get a look at some of the gameplay for the title For months the company has been showing us still-frames and releasing music tracks and behind-the-scenes talks about the music tracks… but not a lot about gameplay[...]
Team Sonic Racing - Making of the Music - Part 1
SEGA has released a new music video of sorts offering a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Team Sonic Racing soundtrack This time around we get a short interview with Toriena and Jun Senoue as they craft out music for the game, featuring the song "Bingo Party" as the music you get to listen[...]
SEGA Reveals New Team Sonic Racing Video and Pics at SXSW
SEGA brought in a few surprises to SXSW's Gaming section this weekend as they showed off new materials for Team Sonic Racing The reveal came during their annual "Gotta Go Fast: The Official Sonic the Hedgehog," panel, featuring Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka, Sr Community Manager Aaron Webber, Director of Product Development Austin Keys, Sonic[...]
SEGA Reveals "Frozen Junkyard" Stage for Team Sonic Racing
SEGA unveiled a new ride for Team Sonic Racing today as we get to hear the music and get a brief look at Frozen Junkyard To be blunt, these one-clip music tracks are a little disappointing because it's hard to tell what exactly this is supposed to be It looks like we're in an icy cave[...]
SEGA Shows Off the Making of Team Sonic Racing's Soundtrack
SEGA decided to show off a little more from Team Sonic Racing this week, but probably not the part of the game you were expecting to see The latest video for the game shows Jun Senoue and others making some of the tracks, as you get to hear three songs being worked on: "Frozen Junkyard", "Market[...]
Team Sonic Racing Reveals Team Eggman's Racing Companions
We've already seen two teams revealed by SEGA for Team Sonic Racing last year, now we're getting into the villain pool with Team Eggman Aside from Eggman taking up the primary role of your technique racer, you'll get Metal Sonic as your speedster, and Zavok as your tank racer The cars look kinda cool for[...]
Team Sonic Racing OST - Ocean View
This week, SEGA released a new video showing off the music and a bit of the track to a new map in Team Sonic Racing, but it looks a little familiar The new track is called "Ocean View" and has a bouncy yet intense track for you to race around However, as you can see[...]
Team Sonic Racing Releases Shot Theme Song "Green Light Ride"
SEGA releases a short version of a brand new theme song to Team Sonic Racing this week called "Green Light Ride" by Crush 40 This is basically an introduction to what appears to be the main theme to the game, but because of the length, it seems like this is the version you'll be hearing in[...]
SEGA Releases a New Team Sonic Racing Map and Music
SEGA is slowly releasing content for their upcomiong racing title Team Sonic Racing, which includes a new map and music track today The map this time around is Whale Lagoon, which by the looks of things, is a track created on the inside of an island that also happens to have a water theme park like[...]
SEGA Releases the Team Sonic Racing Video from Tokyo Game Show
We're not entirely sure why it took this long, but SEGA has released the video of Team Sonic Racing they showed at Tokyo Game Show this year. credit//Sega The video features Sonic Series Producer Takashi Iizuka talking about the game and giving fans a little more insight into the design and choices they decided to make[...]
Team Sonic Racing Gets Delayed Until May 2019
The company let fans know that the game would be delayed until May 2019 as they are working to make sure its better than what you expect it to be. Hey guys! To make Team Sonic Racing the best game it can be, we're giving the team extra time to work on it Our new release[...]
Nintendo Announces Civilization VI, FIFA 19, NBA 2K19, and More for the Switch
28. Team Sonic Racing: Gotta go FAST! Like, really fast. Team Sonic Racing launches for Nintendo Switch this winter. LEGO DC Super-Villains: Why so serious? Play as The Joker, Harley, Lex Luthor and the rest of the best of the worst in the new LEGO DC Super-Villains game, launching for Nintendo Switch on Oct[...]
SEGA Shows Off a Team Gameplay Video for Team Sonic Racing
SGEA has released a brand new trailer for Team Sonic Racing that's designed to give you a better idea about the team aspect of this game One of the biggest questions about this game coming out of E3 was what would separate it from Mario Kart, and one of the key components to that is[...]
Sega Reveals Team Rose to Join the Fray in Team Sonic Racing
You're about to get a couple blasts from the past as Sega shows off Team Rose who will be joining the action in Team Sonic Racing As part of Sonic The Hedgehog's 27th birthday, the company unveiled three new racers that will make up the team, and depending on what kind of Sonic fan you are,[...]
Racing in New Cars and Characters with Team Sonic Racing
One of the more interesting titles that has been getting a buzz since we saw footage of it is Team Sonic Racing, which Sega showed off this week at E3. The game basically takes a number of characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and pits them against each other in a race to the finish[...]
Sega Drops New Gameplay Trailer for Team Sonic Racing
A day before E3 happens, Sega decided to drop a brand-new gameplay trailer for Team Sonic Racing to hype fans about the game While on the surface this may seem like the company's answer to Mario Kart, the developers have added some additional options to the way you race and how you can run the[...]
Sega and Atlus Reveal What They're Bringing to E3 2018
What will be on the floor between both companies will be Valkyria Chronicles 4, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Shining Resonance Refrain, and Team Sonic Racing Finally, during the con, they will debut the latest trailer for Catherine: Full Body, which will coincide with free giveaways on their Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels Below are a couple quotes from both[...]
Sonic the Hedgehog Returns with Team Sonic Racing
SEGA has announced a brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog game, and this time we're getting a racing title from developer Sumo Digital called Team Sonic Racing The game was teased by SEGA back at SXSW, where the company showed attendees a blacked-out logo, and it was leaked a bit early this morning on Walmart's website. Team Sonic Racing will[...]
Team Sonic Racing Has Seemingly Been Leaked
The next Sonic racing game has seemingly been leaked as a listing for Team Sonic Racing has shown up on Walmart. The Sonic and Sega All-Stars racing series has always been pretty decent, the games offer a stiff competition to Nintendo's flagship kart racer Mario Kart Sega's effort almost certainly isn't quite as strong as Nintendo's, but it[...]