Tencent Brings On Former Kojima Productions Founding Member

Tencent is making big moves these days, what with the handling of System Shock 3 going forward, and most recently the hiring of former Kojima Productions founding member Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi. The Chinese gaming conglomerate has brought aboard the former corporate director from the company as well as additional names in a bid to expand its gaming portfolio with its new AAA studio in North America.

Imaizumi will work alongside the former Lead Director of Halo 4, Scott Warner, as they join divisions of the company – Warner joining TiMi Studios in North America. This is the same developer that brought us Call of Duty: Mobile. Imaizumi will be coming on board as the Production Director at Tencent Games. Imaizumi has an extremely colorful background in games, having worked on every major Metal Gear Solid game since the series debuted. He also worked on Death Stranding, then left Kojima Productions in November 2019.

Tencent has hired former Kojima Productions member Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi.
Tencent has hired former Kojima Productions member Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi.

Imaizumi has yet to give an official reason for his departure from Kojima Productions, and it's not clear at this time what game he will be working on. Previously, rumors swirled around that his leaving the company stemmed from a disagreement with a staff member. Curiously enough, he was absent from the whole of the expansive Death Stranding press tour.

With these moves, it's clear that Tencent is making a massive push to become a major name in the west, though it's already done much of that by becoming a stakeholder in outfits like the Epic Games Store. We don't know what their next game project is, but with the kind of talent it's attracting, there could be something very cool brewing. Unfortunately, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it'll probably be a while before we really know much about what's coming down the line. Here's to something interesting – eventually.

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