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Sean Murphy's World's Finest: White Knight Does The Justice League
Spoilers, of course. Mirka Andolfo Draws Generation Joker for Sean Murphy's DC Murphyverse Sean Murphy's World's Finest: White Knight Does The Justice League Super Spoilers For Sean Murphy's White Knight Murphyverse To recap, first up will be  Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker  by Katana Collins and Clay McCormack, with art by Mirka Andolfo, for May 2023.  "Concerned about[...]
Sean Murphy's World's Finest: White Knight Does The Justice League
And also World's Finest: White Knight featuring the Justice League he will be writing and drawing saying "we'll tackle all your Favorite characters in the typical White Knight tradition: small, unique twists on classic characters, but in a way that feels familiar This being its own universe, I'm really excited to reinvent the JLA in[...]
Super Adventure Comics #55 (K.G. Gordon, 1955).
Super Adventure Comic #55 is the UK edition of World's Finest #71, an issue that launched the Superman/Batman team stories in that title, which is a key because the combination of the world's two most famous superheroes in actual stories also proved to be comics' most important team-up for decades.  While World's Finest had featured[...]
Mark Waid Retcons Kingdom Come For Batman/Superman World's Finest
Massive spoilers for this week's Batman/Superman: World's Finest #10 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, out this Tuesday – but also available in many comic book stores since last Thursday, as street date enforcement has been all-but-dropped in the current distribution system Some people may have been picking up this book, others may not have[...]
PrintWatch: Iron Cat, Spider-Man, Sengi, Tembo & Alex Toth
PrintWatch: Iron Cat #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #4 are getting second prints from Marvel Comics, Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4 and The Flash #783 from DC Comics, Sengi & Tembo #1 from Scout Comics and Alex Toth's Artist Edition from IDW. PrintWatch: "Batman/Superman: World's Finest #4 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, featuring the fusion between the[...]
SuperBat In World's Finest #4 Does Not Appear To Justify eBay Spec
World's Finest writer Mark Waid will naturally be overfamiliar with the long history of merged Superman and Batman in one form or another Composite Superman, a shapeshifter with a grudge, being the most prominent, who first appeared in  World's Finest Comics #142 in 1964 and recurred through the years in various forms World's Finest, a[...]
Who Are The Warriors Of Ji In World's Finest? (Spoilers)
Last month's Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2 saw the Doom Patrol's finest researchers investigate a Chinese superhero team from 1579 BC, for want of a better phrase, known as the Warriors Of Ji, from the House Of Ji. With Robin and Supergirl taking a trip through time to meet them to try and uncover the secrets to[...]
Batman Superman Seinfeld
When DC Comics announced a Batman/Superman/Jerry Seinfeld cover as 1:100 incentive cover for the launch of Batman/Superman: World's Finest #1, there was retailer uproar Basically, if a store didn't order 100 copies, there was no cover for you, no cover for you, no cover for you DC Comics had become the Variant Nazi Despite the[...]
Mark Waid and Dan Mora on Batman and Superman: World's Finest in 2022
This is just the beginning for Waid and Mora—and for Superman and Batman!" And add to that a concept art picture added to the press release with the filename "Batman-Superman-Worlds-Finest-Character-Sheet" and the caption "Batman/Superman – World's Finest," and look, we can take a hint So it looks like this backup will set up a new[...]
The debut of Zatanna in the title splash of Hawkman #4, DC Comics, 1964.
In 1999, foundational comics creator Fred Guardineer recalled the inauspicious genesis of the character Zatara for the San Jose Mercury News, "My friend and editor Vin Sullivan said, 'Make it as much like Mandrake as you can without getting sued.'" Perhaps not the sort of origin that lends itself to a decades-spanning character, and in[...]
John Ridley Brings Back a 1970 Superman Comic For Red, White And Blue
Because it takes a deep dive to March 1970 and the publication of World's Finest #192 and #193 from DC Comics fifty-one years ago. World's Finest #192 with Superman and Batman And a story called The Prison Of No Escape by Bob Haney, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito about the fictional Eastern European country of Lubania, never[...]
"Crisis" Management: Ruby Rose, Melissa Benoist Talk Arrowverse's "World's Finest" [VIDEO]
While last year felt like a teaser, "Crisis" has offered a number of moments that demonstrated the trust – with precaution – that exists between the "World's Finest": can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Behind the Scenes: Worlds Finest (HD) ( can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled:[...]
DC Comics Debuts Batwoman/Supergirl as World's Finest in DC Giants
DC Comics is lining up more original comics-mixed-with-reprints for their available-everywhere new line of 100-Page Giants – though they will be in Walmart and Targets first. So in comic shops for December and January that means a new Batwoman/Supergirl: World's Finest Giant #1 And a relaunch of Superman Giant #1 No content details as of yet,[...]
World's Finest
The World's Finest Collection has released their second box and it's theme is Wonder Woman I reviewed the first box, Batman, back in September and was blown away with the quality and quantity of the items in the subscription box It felt a bit like Felix's Magic Bag as there seemed to be far more[...]
Batman #36 cover by Clay Mann and Jordie Bellaire
They have they're differences, but they're still just too alike to not be best friends. The interactions between the World's Finest and their romantic partners are absolutely delightful You see how they understand one another and why these couples work so well Catwoman and Lois Lane can cut through the pretenses and exteriors of Batman and[...]
Batman #37 cover by Mikel Janin
The Batman-Hater is dead. Now Josh is just going to review Batman #37. This comic brings us the double-date between Batman, Catwoman, Superman, and Lois Lane at the Gotha City Fair. Is it a good read? Or will it give a new start to the Batman-Hater?
World's Finest
The World's Finest Collection just started up with their Batman themed box and is at the higher end price ways compared to other subscription boxes, but the quantity and quality of the items sent does seem to justify the high price tag. The box contained multiple items including a t-shirt, travel mug, umbrella, vinyl figure, two[...]
Thor's Comic Review Column – Fantastic Four #645, Thomas Alsop Vol. 1, Multiversity #2, Convergence #4, Convergence: Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Shazam, Infinity Inc., World's Finest, Detective Comics
#1 Convergence: World's Finest Convergence: Detective Comics #1 The Multiversity #2 Fantastic Four #645 (Marvel, $5.99) By Jeb D. We didn't know it at the time, of course, but Fantastic Four #100 was the twilight of the Stan Lee-Jack Kirby partnership; they would do just two more issues together before Kirby left for DC And from the cover, it looked like[...]
"I Never Saw Him So Powerful" – Lois Lane From World's Finest #31
Paul Levitz is continuing his run on World's Finest with the fifth part of the Secret History of Superman & Batman? You have to love a title with a question mark in it So exactly what happened to the Earth 2 Superman and Batman… this is the story with the answers. Death and destruction are increasing on[...]
New Batman And Joker B&W Statues Sprang From DC Collectibles
In 1955 he replaced Curt Swan as the regular artist for the Superman/Batman stories in World's Finest until his retirement in 1963. One off the stories Spran drew, Joker's Millions, was adapted as an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. The Sprang statues are a throwback to a lighter time for the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince[...]
Spider-Woman Is Now The Black Widow…
But it looks like she's not the only one. The Huntress, in today's World's Finest, also appears to be doing a mean impression of The Winter Soldier in this flashback… The new issue of Constantine is published today. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. About to host an underground event hosted by a collection of the UK's most promising emerging[...]
How To Read DC's First Contact
First you read Batman/Superman #8, then you read World's Finest #20. Then you find a time machine to two/three weeks in the future to April 16th so you can read Batman/Superman #9 five weeks late Then come back to last week and pick up World's Finest #21 off the stands (only two weeks late). See? Simple[...]
Sixty-One Thoughts About Sixty-One Comics – The Walking Dead, Catwoman, Mighty Avengers, Larfleeze, Bravest Warriors, Teen Titans, Elephantmen, Uncanny Avengers, Miracleman, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Superior Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Hawkeye, Revenge, Pariah, Hacktivist, Wraith, Aquaman, Auteur, Rat Queens, Super Soldiers, Black Science, Batman/Superman, Flash, Justice League Dark, World's Finest, Regular Show, Mass Effect, Manhattan Projects, Origin II, Wolverine, Three, Superman, Umbral, Wolverine & The X-Men, Bounce, Five Weapons, Deadly Class, Sex, Satellite Sam, Chew, Artefacts, Turtles x3, Serenity, Star Wars Legacy, Tiomb Raider, Damsels, LOEG: Roses Of Berlin, X-Files Conspiracy Transformers, Star Trek, Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony, Judge Dredd, Ghostbusters, Cryptozoic Man, Robocop and Deceivers
Can this really be putting on sales for the affected books? Because if I'd have remembered, I think I'd have put it right back on the shelf. That's right Superman, because you're her mother! Okay, maybe not, but as Power Girl appears in Batman/Superman, so Superman appears in World's Finest It's a kind of exchange[...]
Fifty-Two Thoughts About Fifty-Two Comics – Ghosted, Rat Queens, Black Dynamite, Dark Angel, TMNT, Skyman, Superior Spider-Man, Illegitimates, Justice League 3000, Ben 10, Peabody And Sherman, My Little Pony, Suicide Squad, World's Finest, Harbinger, Night Of The Living Deadpool, Stitched, Gravel, Crossed, Deadpool: The Gauntlet, The Curse, Archer & Armstrong, Secret Avengers, Batgirl, God Is Dead, Imagine Agents, Astro City, Nightwing, Carbon Grey, Peter Panzerfaust, Velvet, Alex+Ada, Darth Vader, Kiss Me Satan, Clown Fatale, BPRD, Fantastic Four, Catacylsm: Ultimates, Daredevil, X-Force, Egos, X, X-Men Legacy, 3 Guns, Adventure Time, Voice In The Dark, L'il Battlestar Galactica, Miss Fury, Next Testament, Unity, Popeye, Transformers And Regular Show  (UPDATE)
So much so that you are in a team called Suicide Squad. But just one minute, over in World's Finest today… You're just full of the joys of spring! See, Earth 1 ain't bad, is it? There's a war coming… but you can always go for a little flight action. And another way to dispose of surveillance equipment, in[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best Comic Panels of 2013
Best ending page all year. From Zero #2, written by Ales Kot, with art by Tradd Moore Heart = Broken.  Series = Solidified on my favorite list. Nevs Coleman's choice is: "Damian Nearly Gets Kicked into Orbit by Power Girl", from World's Finest #6, written by Paul Levitz, with art by Kevin Maguire, George Perez, and Scott Koblish[...]
Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics – Buffy, East Of West, Killjoys, Peter Panzerfaust, Spawn, Demon Knights, Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Batgirl, Wolverine & The X-Men, World's Finest, Constantine, Fantastic Four And Justice League Of America
It's a great book, as every Hellfire Club meets their match from the X-Men, who put them down with words as much as fists. Or do they? Either way, this suggestion from Kitty Pryde should be enough to motivate Bobby. What is it comics has got today about kicking people, well, there… thank you World's Finest. Constantine blows[...]
World's Finest, With Emanuela Lupacchino. Honest.
She had a short story in the Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine's Day Special. But today, Emanuela Lupacchino makes her ongoing debut for the DC New 52 in World's Finest #15, drawing the book Man, we love Emanuela at Bleeding Cool For reasons like this. Though not that you'd know it from the cover, though, which[...]
Is It Time To Start Lining Up For World's Finest #10 Yet?
World's Finest #10 follows on directly from Batman Inc #8. It has already sold out at a distributor level Shops can't order any more It will likely to have been ordered at a much lower level than Batman Inc #8. Basically, if you want a copy… Start lining up no World's Finest #10 follows on directly from[...]