WWE Stars To Endure A Tougher Than Usual Travel Schedule This Week

WWE talents and crew have to endure some of the most arduous travel in all of sports and entertainment and that's on a normal week.  This week, however, things have been made all the more difficult with the addition of the always controversial WWE Crown Jewel show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this Thursday and that's on top of live editions of their weekly shows, Raw and SmackDown on Monday and Friday nights respectively.  While the superstars will be getting some extra stamps in their passports this week, they will no doubt be physically taxed by traveling around the world in the middle of it all.

WWE Stars To Endure A Tougher Than Usual Travel Schedule This Week
Roman Reigns will defend his Universal title against Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel this Thursday, courtesy of WWE.

While it's easy to imagine just how strenuous all of the travel will be on the entire roster and crew this week (and let's not forget they will be putting on three shows besides just traveling), Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com has detailed just what they can all expect, including a hefty number of hours in the air and COVID testing.

WWE stars have a busy travel week as right after tonight's Raw in Sacramento, CA, WWE's staff and roster will head to Saudi Arabia for Thursday's Crown Jewel PPV on a chartered flight.  The time for that flight commercially would be over 20 hours. We are told that all talents traveling will have had to have passed a COVID-19 PCR test before departing.  The belief among those we've spoken to is that all talents going to the event will have had to have been vaccinated as well.  Right after the PPV, they will fly another chartered flight to Smackdown in Wichita, Kansas, which commercially, would be 18 hours with no issues.

Those are some imposing numbers to look at and here's hoping that it all goes smoothly for everyone WWE is bringing over there and they don't have a repeat of past issues in Saudi Arabia.  The only thing worse than traveling that much and putting on three major shows in one week is doing it all with literal guns aimed at you.

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