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Everything Pokémon GO Players Need to Know About Alolan Marowak
Comics publisher Zenescope Entertainment has had a few of their Grimm Fairy Tales spinoffs become breakout hits for them, including Wonderland, Robyn Hood, and especially Van Helsing. Van Helsing, which tells the tale of steampunk vampire hunter Liesel Van Helsing, daughter of the icon from Bram Stoker's novel, has been adapted into a post-apocalyptic thriller by SyFy and has[...]
Zenescope Gets Its First Previews Cover - Alongside Harry Potter
Zenescope time? It was one of the deals between DC Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors, that they would almost always get on of the covers to the Previews catalogue every month DC leaving Diamond for UCS and Lunar (now just Lunar) freed up a lot of catalogue covers of late, which is why their catalogue[...]
Shadow Service #2 Review:
Conspiracy: Planet X continues Zenescope's comic anthology of sci-fi horror, but there may be more tying these stories together than what initially seemed. Conspiracy: Planet X cover Credit: Zenescope Entertainment Up until now, Conspiracy has been structured like some of Zenescope Entertainment's previous anthology series, such as Grimm Tales of Terror and early issues of Grimm Fairy Tales before[...]
The Courier & Robyn Hood Lead Zenescope January 2021 Solicitations
Zenescope Entertainment, an indie publisher that is celebrating its fifteenth year publishing horror and dark fantasy comics, is debuting their January 2021 offerings here at Bleeding Cool The company known for long-running titles such as Grimm Fairy Tales and Robyn Hood, as well as occasional licensed titles including Charmed and Se7en, is following through on what editor Dave Franchini told[...]
Zenescope to Release New Robyn Hood and Van Helsing Comics in 2021
Zenescope Entertainment has big plans for their titles in 2021, including some stories that may surprise readers who believe they know what to expect from the indie comics publisher Continuing from our conversation earlier this week with VP of Film & Television Ralph Tedesco about Zenescope's plans for virtual conventions, editor and writer of Belle[...]
Zenescope's Ralph Tedesco Exclusively Talks About Virtual Cons
Pennsylvania-based comics publisher Zenescope has stood out among publishers as far as the sheer amount of virtual conventions and events they're doing The company's VP of Film & Television, Ralph Tedesco, spoke exclusively to Bleeding Cool about the company's plans for their upcoming slate of virtual content. Preview of the new exclusive cover by Sun Khamunaki[...]
Vlad Dracul #3 Review:
After last month's Belle: Ghosts & Goblins, writer Dave Franchini is back with another one-shot continuing the adventures of the character that has essentially become the Batman of Zenescope's interconnected titles, the Grimm Universe In Belle: Hearts & Minds, Franchini crosses the title over with another Zenescope title, the horror comic Gretel, about a witch hunter who kills evil[...]
40 Seconds #1
One of Zenescope's newer series, Belle, takes the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale icon and reinvents her as a Batman-esque supernatural detective Is her latest one-shot, Belle: Ghosts & Goblins, a good introduction to the character? Belle: Ghosts & Goblins cover Credit: Zenescope Belle: Ghosts & Goblins marks a huge improvement in writer Dave Franchini's writing[...]
Van Helsing #50 Leads Zenescope's November 2020 Solicitations
Zenescope Entertainment will reach a major milestone in its upcoming December 2020 releases The company, known as some of the longest-running indie series in comics, will publish the 50th issue of their Van Helsing series Over the course of Liesel Van Helsing's creation in 2013's Unleashed event, the character has faced off against horror icons[...]
Auto Draft
Zenescope's latest anthology series Conspiracy follows a formula somewhat similar to their Grimm Tales of Terror series In this sci-fi thriller, though, instead of using urban legends as a basis for a horror comic, this series tackles a different conspiracy theory in every issue In this one, Conspiracy: Black Knight Satellite, writers Hans Rodionoff and Goldbergs creator Adam[...]
Zenescope Announce Movie Night & Clerks Roundtable with Cast
Zenescope Entertainment, the Pennsylvania-based comic book publisher, known for Grimm Fairy Tales and Robyn Hood, hosted their Virtual Cosplay Con this weekend The competition, which can be watched here, featured popular cosplayers as judges where fans of their comics showed off costumes ranging from Angel's Illyria to an original take on Pokémon's Misty to some of Zenescope own[...]
Van Helsing & Cinderella Annuals Lead Zenescope's November Solicits
On the heels of launching a Kickstarter to fund the production of their first card game, Tarot: A Game of Souls starring their Grimm Tales of Terror mistress of horror Keres, Zenescope has unveiled their November solicitations As their relaunch of Grimm Fairy Tales, which began with a new #1 after a landmark 125th issue, reaches its 43rd issue, other[...]
Zenescope Expands Into Card Games With Tarot: A Game of Souls
Zenescope Entertainment continues its expansion into the world of games, following up their Wonderland board game with a new card game that has launched on Kickstarter The game, Tarot: A Game of Souls, casts one of the company's flagship characters, Keres the Death Goddess, as the star of this game of fates. Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco are the[...]
Conspiracy: Men in Black Review: Reminiscent of Classic Horror Comics
Zenescope Entertainment is known for its interconnected superhero/horror universe populated by public domain characters, but they have also, in recent years, specialized in horror anthologies One of their longest-running series, Grimm Tales of Terror, takes urban legends and spins them into modernized, standalone stories that always come with a harsh twist at the end[...]
Zenescope Instigates Minimum Pricing On Amazon
Zenescope Entertainment has sent the following letter to retailers, specifically those who sell Zenescope comic books on Amazon Marketplace They write; Dear Valued Retailer, Please be advised that if you are reselling our products Amazon you must sell them at our MAP (manufacturers approved pricing) That price is the retail price printed on our books and the[...]