John Cena vs Karrion Kross? The Two Might Be Teasing Something

Karrion Kross has been an absolute force in NXT since he arrived.  He is a two-time NXT Champion and he has destroyed anyone brave enough (or dumb enough) to get in his way, most recently dethroning former champion Finn Balor at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver two weeks ago.  But while Kross may be the most unstoppable force in NXT today, there's been one immovable object in the WWE universe over the past two decades: John Cena.  And if the two powerhouse's Instagram accounts are to be believed, we might actually see them face-off in the not too distant future.

John Cena vs Karrion Kross? The Two Might Be Teasing Something
It appears NXT Champion Karrion Kross and WWE Legend John Cena have been calling each other out on Instagram, courtesy of WWE.

So let me catch you all up to speed.  Yesterday, the NXT champ posted the following picture of Cena out of the blue on his personal Instagram page.

John Cena vs Karrion Kross? The Two Might Be Teasing Something
The picture of John Cena, posted on Karrion Kross's Instagram page, courtesy of WWE.

This apparently caught the attention of the Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad star, as he soon responded with a post on his own Instagram.

John Cena vs Karrion Kross? The Two Might Be Teasing Something
A picture of Karrion Kross, posted on John Cena's Instagram, courtesy of WWE.

So what do we make of this?  Are they setting up a big clash of the titans match?  Is Kross just a big member of the Cenation?  It's too early to say, but as is always the case when two wrestlers converse on social media, our minds immediately go to a scenario where they will be beating each other up in the near future.  When asked on Twitter about such a match-up coming to fruition, Kross responded as follows:

Would you guys be interested in seeing John Cena come out of semi-unofficial retirement to face a young brute like Karrion Kross?  Personally, I could see it happening and working as a pretty interesting big hoss match, but I think they need to be patient with it and save it for a big show.  Give Kross some time to look like a truly unbeatable champion where he wipes out any and all challengers and then have him get a big head and call out a big legend like Cena, who would be interested in proving he still has some gas in the tank.  I think that would make for a pretty decent Wrestlemania match for next year actually.

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