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NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
Hey gang!  Last week was all about Samoa Joe wanting to get his hands on NXT Champion Karrion Kross for choking him out the week prior  While NXT GM William Regal pleaded with Joe to settle things without violence, it was Regal himself who would experience how violent Kross could be, as the champ beat Regal unconscious in[...]
NXT Preview For 7/27- How Will Samoa Joe Respond To Karrion Kross?
Hey gang!  So as NXT ended last week, we saw NXT Champion Karrion Kross take his rivalry with Samoa Joe to a whole new level when he assaulted NXT General Manager William Regal in the parking lot and left him for Joe to find  Joe was in a blind rage at Kross's actions and has sworn revenge on[...]
Jeff Hardy takes on Sheamus at WWE Backlash (WWE)
WWE legend Jeff Hardy just can't seem to catch a break lately, being used primarily as a jobber for months until he finally got back in the win column last week with a victory over Raw-debuting NXT Champion Karrion Kross  The one thing Hardy has caught though is COVID-19 unfortunately and that will keep him out of action for[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
Hey gang!  So it's been an odd couple of weeks for the NXT brand and it was made all the more weird last night with Karrion Kross's Raw debut  The brand feels a bit without firm direction at the moment, but that can always change with a series of good shows, so here's hoping that kicks off[...]
NXT Preview For 7/20- No One Knows What The Hell Is Happening, So...
Li tonight (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc4bIePnULg) And then there's the situation with NXT Champion Karrion Kross  Kross retained his title last week against Johnny Gargano and then proceeded to choke out Samoa Joe after the match  But things got really weird last night when Kross debuted on Raw and was made to look like a complete jobber to Jeff Hardy[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
Hey gang!  So as they say, it's all on the line tonight!  NXT Champion Karrion Kross will defend his title in the main event tonight against challenger Johnny Gargano  These two have been at each other's throats for the past few weeks, with Gargano taking any chance he could to get under the champ's skin and[...]
NXT Preview For 7/13- NXT Title Match And The Breakout Tournament
 How you might ask?  Well for starters, the NXT title is on the line in tonight's main event as champion Karrion Kross will defend the title against challenger Johnny Gargano and if that weren't enough, Samoa Joe will serve as special guest referee in the match  We'll also have the opening match of the NXT Breakout Tournament, which will[...]
NXT Preview For 5/25- Karrion Kross vs Finn Balor In A Title Rematch
Hey gang!  Tonight's episode of NXT on the USA Network looks pretty stacked with grudge matches, an in-ring debut, a faceoff with a WWE Hall of Famer, and to top it all off, a highly anticipated rematch for the NXT title. Karrion Kross will defend his NXT Championship in a rematch against former champion Finn Balor,[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
The Emperor of Lucha Escobar has refused to go quietly into the night since losing the title, and he brutalized Kushida in a Six-Man Tag Match two weeks ago. Perhaps knowing Kushida's warrior spirit all too well, Escobar likely got exactly what he wanted in the form of this rematch. Will Escobar reestablish his dominance, or does[...]
NXT Preview For Tonight: A Big Return And A Big Debut
Hey gang!  So on tonight's show, we will hear from former NXT Champion Finn Balor for the first time since he lost the title to Karrion Kross at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver  Balor has an ocean of options in front of him, it's only up to him whether he immediately goes to reclaim the[...]
NXT Preview For 5/4: Finn Balor Returns & A Women's Tag Title Match
Hey gang!  Tonight's episode of NXT will see the return of former champion Finn Balor for the first time since he lost the title to Karrion Kross at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver weeks ago  But the main event tonight is definitely the tag team Street Fight match between NXT Women's tag champs Shotzi Blackheart[...]
Former Champion Finn Balor Returns To NXT This Tuesday
Former NXT Champion Finn Balor did everything he could to hold onto his title at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver, but Karrion Kross would not accept defeat and left with the title  Since being taken to task at the event weeks ago, Balor hasn't been seen on tv or addressed his current status or what's[...]
NXT Preview For 4/27: Adam Cole Returns Bay-Bay!
O'Reilly was back on the black-and-gold brand last week and caught the ire of NXT Champion Karrion Kross. With the rubble cleared, what will Cole have to say in his first NXT appearance since the punishing encounter? Catch the can't-miss interview this Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA Network! In addition to Cole's interview, we can look forward[...]
John Cena vs Karrion Kross? The Two Might Be Teasing Something
Karrion Kross has been an absolute force in NXT since he arrived  He is a two-time NXT Champion and he has destroyed anyone brave enough (or dumb enough) to get in his way, most recently dethroning former champion Finn Balor at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver two weeks ago  But while Kross may be the[...]
NXT Recap - Karrion Kross and Finn Balor: Tag-Team Champions?
Leon Ruff match they had announced last week wasn't mentioned, so one or both of them might be in quarantine now. Onto the show! Karrion Kross will challenge Finn Balor for the title at NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver, courtesy of WWE. We open tonight with NXT Champion Finn Balor already in the ring and looking pissed[...]