"Motherland: Fort Salem" Gave Witches Room To Work Their Magic [REVIEW]

The second episode of Freeform's Motherland: Fort Salem is much more concise and feels more linear—not sure how to explain it. Pretty sure it might be since our main characters have probably been introduced, our story can move freely and smoothly.  Though I am still a bit confused about the way time seems to be moving.

motherland fort salem
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM  (Freeform/David Bukach)

"My Witches"has started to define our characters and storyline a bit more, picking up where the series premiere kicked off. We start getting into the little nuisances about the world they are currently living in. As we see President Kelly Wade (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and General Alder (Lyne Renee) discussing, not quite so amicably the Spree and their ramifications.  This scene was my favorite as it really showed us more of the dynamics and the tension that exists against witches.

As for our main characters, I love the snippets of their power that we get and how potentially strong they can be as a unit. I hope we continue seeing more of these moments and how they seem to continuously pique the interest of their upperclassmen. Maybe it was a bit predictable at moments, but I am enjoying the show so far and it continues to make me curious about the world they're presenting to us.

motherland fort salem
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM (Freeform/David Bukach)

Raelle (Taylor Hickson), Tally (Jessica Sutton), and Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) continue bickering – and their high levels of emotion against one another continues helping to amplify their powers. At times, I find them a bit inconsistent, and I really hope this back and forth "frenemy" status does not last the whole season. I can deal with arguments here and there—though it will be off-putting if they make it all about their constant disagreements all season long.

The ending to this episode changed my mind quite a bit in that regard. It started with our group of witches-in-training going on the trip, to Tally being stopped by the little girl and melting hearts, followed by shoving an unruly citizen back just with her scream was enough to keep me watching. Then seeing all of them finally take their sticks out of their respective bums, and just relax and get drunk was by far the best moment this seasom. We finally get a moment of them feeling "real" and evolving in their respective relationships – please do not have them go back to what we've seen. This was a good foundation to build from moving forward.

motherland fort salem
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM (Freeform/David Bukach)

I also cannot wait to see where this relationship thing goes between Raelle and Scylla (Amalia Holm). I wonder how it will all play out and if Raelle will get an inkling sooner rather than later that maybe all she wants is to gather information against the Bellweathers. This is the part where they've really hooked my curiosity: I cannot wait until we get more information on the Spree and what their real motivations are.

The balloon bit? Much freakier than it had any right to be in a post-It world.

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