The Turn Of The Screw: A Return To Audio Horror From Sole Twin Audios

Tonight of Castle Talk, Jason chats with Rachel Pulliam, the creator of Sole Twin Audios, an audio drama company founded in 2021. Her tagline, "Stories created solely with the vintage soul in mind" would seem to indicate she only produces recreations from Old Time Radio series. However, the "vintage soul" is more a vibe captured within every episode she releases—regardless of the series.

Is Audio Horror the Way Forward in a Streaming World?
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Pulliam's most recent release is an audio version of The Turn of the Screw, the trailer for which is included at the start of the chat. The story, about a governess who fears for the souls and safety of two children who may have been corrupted by a pair of suspicious characters previously at the family's great house, has been told and retold many times, and Pulliam wrote the script with an eye towards the book and one of its most important adaptations, the 1960s film The Innocents.

Pulliam talks about the audition process—Sole Twin Audio productions employs actors around the globe—and the production process, which involves splicing many different audio recordings and original music and sound effects. All told, it's a return to the lost art of audio drama of the sort Pulliam says she listened to in college, classic shows like Suspense and The Whistler. The company has also recently produced an adaptation of Rope, soon to be released. One of the challenges, the producer says, is in finding stories that can be adapted and are in the public domain.

Find Sole Twin Audio's main page at Anchor from Spotify.

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