NECA's Final Wave Of Alien 40th Anniversary Figures Is Hitting Stores

NECA has been releasing a few waves of Alien figures this past year or so in celebration of last year's 40th anniversary of the film. All of them have been great, and it has been awesome to be able to complete the Nostromo crew in my figure display. The final wave is hitting stores now, and it features Ripley and Lambert in their compression suits, as well as a Xenomorph styled after Geiger's original concept artwork. NECA sent us the wave to take a look at, and we thank them for it. Let's take a look at the last three releases in this Alien line, shall we?

New Alien Figures Are Always A Welcome Sight

These all came in Kenner tribute packaging, paying homage to the original toy release for the film, and after the first couple waves feeling like they were made of paper, these are a vast improvement. Solid, great-looking pieces for a MOC collection. I have the original Kenner Alien in box, one of the centerpieces of my entire collection. So I am going to pop this Xenomorph next to its MOC and not open this Geiger one. I have the releases from this line open and wanted to keep one MOC, so this is it.

But I did open the other two Alien figures. I love and hate these compression suit figures. I love, love, love the sculpting work on these, from the textures on the suits to the intricate paint details. The patches are accurate, the colors are fantastic, and they just look so unique. The Ripley and Lambert head sculpts are dead-on; this Lambert could not be more perfect. Even the helmet on the suits feels easier to deal with than the others in this line. That all being said, the movement on these figures is almost non-existent. There is some movement here, but not nearly as much as you may want. These are more display figures than anything, and they work beautifully in that way.

NECA's Final Wave Of Alien 40th Anniversary Figures Is Hitting Stores
NECA Alien Wave

I am sad to see this little mini-line end, but there is always a possibility that we get these re-released in Nostromo jumpers and such as well. For now, we have a figure for every member on the Nostromo in Alien, and that is a beautiful thing. This wave is hitting stores right now or can be ordered right here.

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