Batman Week Continues with Exotic Batsuit Collectibles

We continue Batman week as we look into some of the coolest and unique batsuit collectibles out there. Over the years the batsuit has changed with the generations, moving from blue and yellow to the more modern black and grey. Those suits have had some amazing adventures but sometimes the bat has had to upgrade even further. From Knightfall to Batman Beyond, the dark knight has worn some very intense costumes and we have picked some of our favorites from around the collectible world. First up is from McFarlane Toys as we suit up with the massive and glorious Hellbat costume. We have seen this figure in person and it is a beautiful piece that is a must own and you can check out our review for this figure here. This heavy figure has a nice gloss paint scheme and has attachable wings that make him even more badass. He is bulky, deadly, prepares the bat to go to war with the Justice League. He can be found in stores now and you can lock down an order online and here. Next, we staying in the world of comics with the 300 Limited Editon Prime 1 Studios Batman Knightfall statue. After the bat lost to Bane, someone else needed to take over the mantle as Gotham's protector. Jean-Paul Valley accepted that call as Azrael and he adds his own flavor to the batsuit. The costume just screams 1990's with the bulky and blue upper body with a red eyed cowl. This statue has multiple interchangeable pieces from two head sculpts to some deadly arm blade pieces. This statue is pricey at $1,099 and you can join the waitlist still here.

For these last two batsuits we are traveling to the past and to the future. Of course there is a Batman for every decade and this time ancient Japan gets their savior. Coming out of the animated 2018 DC Comics film Batman Ninja is an amazing sixth scale figure. From Star Ace Toys comes a 12 inch figure that has over 30 points of articulation. He is shown in his new design samurai batsuit that features elements of ancient Japan and that classic Batman look. The figure comes with multiple interchangeable pieces like a second head sculpt, 10 hands, batarangs, and swords. This is one figure that can really spice up any bat collection and you can find then in stock and here. We have already seen the past and now the Dark Knight is heading to the future with the Batman Beyond Hot Toys figure from Batman: Arkham Knight. This suit is just before he passes it on the torch to future bat, Terry McGinnis. From a newly painted head sculpt, metallic paint scheme, futuristic suit, and accessories. He comes with a grapple gun, freeze gun, line launcher, explosive gel, and more gadgets that really makes him ready for anything. This is one figure that can show off the stylings of Batman and some of the amazing batsuits he has created. This figure is still up for preorder and is priced at $281 and you can find him located here. All of these figures bring something special to the table. They all show a different side of the dark knight that we are not use too and we love it. From the past to the future and everything in between, these collectibles will enhance any collector's batcave. Stay tuned at Bleeding Cool for more Batman Week that showcases some of the coolest collectibles in the world of the Caped Crusader.

Batman Ninja War version FIgure from Star Ace Toys
Batman Ninja, full package, photo from Star Ace Toys.
Batman Beyond Hot Toys Figure
Batman Beyond Arkham Knight Figure, everything included, photo from Hot Toys.

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