Catwoman Plans Her Next Heist with Sideshow's New DC Comics Statue

Catwoman is back in Gotham, and she is looking for her next score with Sideshow Collectibles newest DC Comics statue. Coming in at 21" tall, Selina Kyle is back as she holds the spoils of her latest heist. Collectors will be able to display Catwoman with two different trophies depending on which version of the statue they get with Sideshow Collectibles selling their exclusive variant. Swap between a priceless ruby necklace or Batman's mask as this feisty feline continues to play the cat and mouse game with the Dark Knight. Sideshow captures Selina's DC Comics costume quite nicely, and it features a remarkable amount of detail making sure fans will want this in their collection. The DC Comics Catwoman Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles is set to be release between August – October 2022. The standard comes in at $580 with only a $10 increase for the Sideshow Exclusive with batman mask. Pre-orders for both versions of the statue are already live, and DC Comics fans can secure theirs here.

"A girl's entitled to a little fun once in a while, isn't she?" Sideshow presents the Catwoman Premium Format™ Figure, sneaking her way into your mansion of DC Comics collectibles. What's the matter — cat got your irreplaceable jewels? The Catwoman Premium Format Figure measures 21" tall and 10" wide as Selina Kyle stands on the steps of Wayne Manor holding her latest heisted treasures: a priceless ruby necklace and a set of gold bangles from Bruce's vault. A feline friend nuzzles at her ankle while her bullwhip drapes across her shoulders, curling like a tail as the cat burglar prepares to make off with her loot.

"Inspired by her appearance in DC Comics, the Catwoman Premium Format Figure features a fully sculpted costume painted in a glossy black to imitate the sleek, shiny texture of catsuit fabric. Silver zipper details add a nice accent to the stealthy suit, and Selina's cat-eared cowl purr-fectly frames her sultry expression. Her heeled boots are painted with shades of red highlight to emphasize the reflective quality of her costume and the lush red flooring of Wayne Manor."

"The Exclusive Edition of Catwoman includes a swap-out left arm holding Batman's cowl in her clawed clutches. Begin a game of cat and bat with this additional display option that makes the stakes a little more personal for the Dark Knight."

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