"Devil May Cry 3" Comes Back with New Vergil Asmus Toys Figure

Devil May Cry is seemingly getting a nice set of collectibles lately. Could we be seeing a new game come soon? Or are we just bring back some classic tales and remembering the great times we have had with this franchise. This time it looks like Asmus Toys is going back to Devil May Cry 3 with a new Luxury Edition figure of Vergil. The figure comes with a light up display base showing stairs and a lamppost. He will also be getting very special demon armor pieces that fit him perfect. Each piece is highly detailed and crafted to perfection. This figure is very articulated with over 32 points of articulation and he even comes with leather clothes. This is a great figure for any Devil May Cry fan and would definitely stick out in any collection. The Devil May Cry III Vergil (Luxury Edition) 1/6 Scale Figure from Asmus Toys is priced at $280 and is set to release in the first quarter of 2020. Pre-orders are live already and you can find them located here.

"Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness. Might controls everything – and without strength, you cannot protect anything; let alone yourself."


Devil May Cry III Vergil (Luxury Edition) 1/6 Scale Figure


The VERGIL (DMC III) LUXURY EDITION  Sixth Scale Figure features:

Authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Vergil from Capcom's Devil May Cry III

· Asmus Toys KP01A+ male body

· Approximately 29.5 cm tall

· Over 32 points of articulation


· An authentic likeness from the game

· One pair of relaxed posture hands

· One pair of fist posture hands

· One pair of sword holding hands

Special features on Clothing:

· One Premium Leather blue coat with wire inserted

· One neckerchief

· One undervest (PVC)

· One pair of long Premium Leather pants

· One pair of boots

Devil May Cry 3 Comes Back with New Virgil Asmus Toys Figure

Special features in weapons:

· One Yamato

· One Force Edge


· One Asmus Toys figure stand


Devil May Cry III Luxury Edition Includes:

· One stairway scenary with light up lamp

· One set of Barlog armor includes:

 · One pair of shoulder armors

 · One pair of forearm armors

 · One pair of fists

 · One pair of calf armors"

Devil May Cry 3 Comes Back with New Virgil Asmus Toys Figure

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