Funko Combines Collecting and Gaming with Marvel Battleworld

Funko unveiled a new game for Marvel fans last month, Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones. Funko is no stranger to games as they have been heavily continuing on with their Funkoverse boardgame series. However, this game seemed to slip right under our noses as it looks like there are 30 collectible figures for the game. There are multiple packs available with a big Starter Pack that comes with 6 mini-figures which includes a Negative Suit Spider-Man and smaller mystery Battle Balls that have 2 mystery figures. We decided to pick up a couple of these Battle Balls up to see what's inside and boy were we surprised.

Each Funko Marvel Battle Ball will include:

  • 1 Hero
  • 1 Hero Card
  • 1 Thanostone containing 1 Mystery Hero
  • 1 Mystery Hero Card
  • 5 Battle Cards
  • 1 Attack Die
  • 5 Danger Tokens
  • 1 Danger Coin
  • Instructions

Opening up out Funko Battle Ball, we are greeting with one solo hero packaged with a die. We happened to unlock the power of Ultimate Thor in this Battle Ball. When I first saw these I thought these figures would be small, cheap, and swishy for some odd reason. Getting on in hands changed all of those notions I had for these figures. They are packed with little detail and the perfect size and will not take up a lot of collecting room. They are sturdy and made of hard plastic and it brings something new to the Funko table. These are not like Mystery Minis or Funko Pops but their own unique design. Inside each ball also contains a Thanostone which can be used to play the Battleworld game. We wanted to crack one open to see what is inside and what a treat. It looks like thunder is flowing through this Funko Marvel Battle Ball as Throg is here. Frog Thor is very well designed and this is something we have not seen in the Pop form either. We did open another Battle Ball off and got our hands on a Valkyrie Gamora and a Zombie Mysterio?! The zombie series was a very nice surprise to see here even before they get their Pop form figures.

Funko Combines Collecting and Gaming with Marvel Battleworld

On the instructions of the Funkos Marvel Battleworld game, it does show a list of all available figures. There are 30 figures in total to collect with some wacky characters. The Marvel Zombies line seems to be used quite well in this line with some nice touches like Zombie Venom and Zombie Red Skull. One of my other favorite characters introduced is Captain Americat in all his feline patriotic glory. Some other highlights are Howard the Duck, Ant Ant, Croc Doctor Strange, and rare variant figures featuring the colors of the Infinity Stones. While these mini-figures are meant for the Funko Battleworld game they can be collected separately. The game was a little complex for my taste but some collectors might find it fun and challenging. These figures are a nice introduction to something new Funko can give fans. Some of these designs do need to come to the highly popular Funko Pop series in the future though. I will continue to snag up more of the Marvel Zombie series and every Marvel fan needs to own at least one Ant Ant or Captain Americat in their collection. You can find the Funko Marvel Battleworld Mega Pack here and the Battle Balls here. What characters do you want to get your hands on??

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