Funko Introduces Pop Candy Line with Sour Patch Kids and Peeps Pops

Funko is introducing a new numbering for Pops under the banner of Candy. So, we now have Pops made of candy. I can't say that this wasn't expected, but like always, they surprised me with the two candies they are using to launch the line. Sour Patch Kids are awesome, and the Funko Pops look adorable. Who actually likes Peeps? Besides Peep Wars in microwaves, I am pretty sure that I have never met a single person who actually eats them. Alas, they have been immortalized as Pops.

Sour. Sweet. All yours. If you can't choose between
sour and sweet, these Sour Patch Kids are
the perfect Pop! buddies for you. Choose between Orange, Redberry,
Lemon and Blue Raspberry, or collect them
all and assemble your own rainbow of Sour Patch kids.

Add some cute to your basket this Easter!
Introducing Pop! PEEPS® collectable bunnies! Bring home a
POP of color with a pink or yellow Pop! bunny!

My only question is where the watermelon Sour Patch Kid Funko Pop is. That is everyone's favorite one, and I cannot think of anything more adorable than a watermelon Sour Patch Kid Funko Pop with big eyes and a smiling face.

You can pre-order these right here. They will be out soon.

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