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Funko Soda Review: Green Batman, Grape Ape and Mumm-Ra

Funko Soda has been an absolute delight for Funko collectors. These new vinyl figures are not as popular as their iconic Pop series but they are getting there. They have released a nice variety of characters from a large list of franchises like DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera, and Ad Icons. We have covered quite a few of them already and you can find some of them located here and here. This time we were able to get our hands on three more, with Thundercats Mumm-Ra, Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Green Batman, and The Great Grape Ape Show Grape Ape. So let's dive right into our newest Funko reviews.

Funko Soda Vinyl Figure Thundercats Mumm-Ra Figure, from Funko.
Thundercats Mumm-Ra Figure, from Funko.

First up is Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Batman that was shared exclusively with the Funko-Shop. This special edition Batman does shows him in a green costume much like the Entertainment Earth Pop Vinyl. This Soda is limited to only 5,000 pieces and does have a chance at a pink Batman Chase. The can has green letters, green Batman art, and an ECCC exclusive sticker on the side. The figure is exactly the same as the original figure. This animated-style Batman is pretty cute and gives me an interesting Teen Titans Go! vibe. The green color is very vibrant and is honestly a good exclusive for Emerald City Comic Con. The simplistic style of these figures is what I like about them as well as the retro styled look. The figure checks all of those boxes and he would look great with the other DC Comics Funko collectibles out there already.


Funko has already shown us a hero, so let us take a look at a villain as well. This time we are looking at the Thundercats bad guy Mumm-Ra. His figure offering is limited to only 7,500 pieces and features a black robed version of the fan-favorite character. The Funko Soda can itself shows off a nice display of light blue and red colors on the logo and design elements with a retro look at Mumm-Ra in the center. The vinyl Funko figure of Thundercats antagonist Mumm-Ra is very cartoony but extremely well designed. His look makes me think of a modern day reboot of the classic Thundercats cartoon. It is a nice figure that will be a good companion piece to display next to the Lion-O vinyl offering. While there's nothing about the look of the figure that particularly stands out from a sculpt or design standpoint, it's an overall solid design that will make any Thundercats fan quite happy.

The final Funko offering we are opening up this time around is from The Great Grape Ape Show and Great Ape is in the building. This fun and classic-looking figure is limited to only 6,000 pieces and does feature a metallic version of the same figure as a chase variant. The can does feature a nice retro design with green and purple colors spread out over it. The Great Ape figure is my favorite collectible from this review. His nice cartoony design doesn't pull that far away from his original look which is a huge plus. His colors are bright and his smile just pulls you in. He is a nice figure all around from his color, sculpt, and expression he can make any fan, whether a Funko collector or a retro collector you can be happy with this piece.

All of these figures are a great addition to any fan's collection. Their designs and their limited edition size is what will really captivate a hardcore Funko collector or any new collector out there. These collectibles are hard to come by in the wild and have very limited stock online. I have personally seen them drop in a couple of places like Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and Barnes & Noble. With their limited qualities they will be hard to find, but getting one in your hands is quite satisfying. Whether it is a chase or the standard figure they are nice figures that can enhance any fan's collection.

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