GI Joe Week: Spirit Iron-Knife Redefined For A New Generation

GI Joe week keeps chugging along, and today we take a look at an incredible figure, Spirit Iron-Knife. Spirit is one of the all-timers, a character that many a collector is proud to have in one form or another in their collections. But with this Classified figure, Hasbro went a bit further, celebrating the character's rich history and heritage in a new way while also including his trusty eagle, Freedom. Hasbro sent us over the figure to take a look at, and we could not be more thankful that they did.

This Gi Joe Classified Wave Is An All-Timer

I am sad that GI Joe Classified's packaging is ending. I will miss the big window on the front showing off the figure inside, but I also like the Earth and care about it not dying, so I can keep buying figures, so in the end, I am okay with it. This figure still has it and might be one of the last with it. At least we will have more opportunity to see the sweet artwork they put on the side of the box now and not just a sliver.

The sculpted details in the GI Joe Classified line are always top-notch, and that continues here with Spirit. I love the cuffs on his biceps, the ruffles in the pants, and even his sheath for the special knife he has featured in great detail. You look at this figure, and it feels like a character that has a ton of history behind him. Like all other Classified figures, he comes loaded to the gills with accessories, all of which fit seamlessly on the figure itself. Peep the sniper rifle this guy comes with, I hate guns, and even I can appreciate the work here. The real standout that sends the figure over the top is Freedom. What fantastic work here, from a sculpting standpoint through the design. He comes with swappable wings! Come on! Pegs keep him perched on Spirits arm on the backpack, and he looks great in both spots. If Freedom wasn't included, it would have been a fatal flaw to this figure; I am so happy he is here.

GI Joe Week: Spirit Iron-Knife Redefined For A New Generation

This wave of GI Joe Classified is shaping up to be one of the all-time great figure waves. This is the one that we will all look back on and say this is where the line fully took off. Spirit is a perfect action figure and deserves to be in every collection. It will be in the running for figure of the year for sure, and it is further proof that GI Joe is the top line at Hasbro now. Sorry, Marvel Legends. Spirit will be in stores over the next couple of weeks and can still be preordered right here.

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