GI Joe HasLab Skystriker Gets A Cobra Facelift In Final Push To Fund

GI Joe fans were awoken today to a new message from Cobra: they have hijacked the HasLab Skystriker. That's right, the final few days to fund the HasLab project are here, and Cobra Commander has added even more value to the project, with three new o-ring style figures of himself, Cobra Pilot, and a Cobra Ground Crew member to the other figures included and stretch goals. Not only that, a Cobra sticker sheet will be included now to turn that GI Joe plane bad. You can see the new additions to the HasLab below.

The GI Joe HasLab Is An Incredible Value & Piece Now

"You thought you could get away with creating a G.I. Joe super offering without Cobra knowing?! You fools, you forgot to make it super! What nitwit conceived of this abhorrence?! They'll live to regret it! Cobra Commander is here, and I'll show the Joes how it's done! Cower in fear; the Skystriker is Cobra's now! Oh yes, you thought you were so smart. Give the people another G.I. Joe Skystriker – that's what they really want. Well, it isn't! Every nincompoop knows that Cobra is the most powerful force in the world! The Skystriker is ours now, and there's nothing you can do to stop us. We'll keep your original puny offering intact… but now you'll also have superior figures and decals from Cobra! Not only is it I the most fearsome and handsome Cobra Leader, but I've brought my own nefarious Cobra Pilot and a Cobra Ground Crew member to take the Joes down. Together we'll cover the Skystriker in our very own Cobra decals. What can you do to stop us?! NOTHING. AHAHAHAHHAHA."

"You're still going to get everything you'd get with the Joe's version of the Skystriker, but now you'll get even MORE! Because Cobra is BETTER! 

  • An o-ring figure of ME will now come with this offering. What an honor for you to display the greatest Cobra Commander that ever lived on your shelves. This rare 1980s variant of me was undoubtedly the best variant ever made!  
  • I've brought an o-ring Cobra Pilot in Sunbow colors with me to fly this COBRA Skystriker and an o-ring Cobra [Snake] Pit Crew member with his very own flags to take control of your beloved Pit. It's the Snake Pit now, Joes!  
  • To complete your Skystriker transformation, I will supply you fools with Cobra decals.  

Finally, an offering worth backing! And don't worry, you'll still get all of this other stuff the "heroes" promised you."

That Cobra Commander, so nice! I thought the HasLab Skystriker was a good value before, especially for someone like me who has not owned this vehicle yet, but I expect this one to get a ton of backers today with these additions. Way to go, GI Joe….ahem. I mean, Cobra! Don't hurt me, Cobra Commander!

The GI Joe Skystriker HasLab ends funding on December 7th. It needs to hit at least 10,000 backers to fund. Go here for all the info you need on everything included and to back if you are so inclined. Time is running out.

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