Halloween Kills Ultimate Michael Myers Is One Of NECA's Best

Halloween Kills showings start tonight, and part of the horror experience these days is getting the Ultimate figure from NECA. They have released Michael Myers figures in the past, and one for Kills was to be expected. One of the first things I thought of leaving the 2018 film was what NECA could do with a Michael who escaped a fire, as he will at the beginning of this new film. When watching horror anything now, my first thought is almost always, "What could NECA do with this?" I do not think I am alone in this. NECA was nice enough to send over the new Michael figure for us to take a look at, so let's see what they did with this one.

Halloween Kills Michael Myers Has An Incredible Design

NECA always crushes it with the Ultimate packaging. For this Halloween Kills Michael, it is no different featuring the great key art from the film on the front, the back features great fig photography, and the full-size window box when opening the flap once again shows off the figure and accessories well. It pains me to open these, and it makes me jealous all the time of MOC NECA collectors.

Michael looks even better when released from his plastic prison. They did such a great job on the charring on his mask and jumpsuit; it looks so gnarly and gruesome. This is essentially the same figure as the 2018 film, but with cosmetic updates that make it a must-own. NECA did a phenomenal job on making this version of Michael feel like he has been through the wringer. Not just the mask, but there is a slight dirtiness to the jumpsuit, some blink, and you will miss it dirt on the boots. It's all very subtle, and as you notice it, you can't help but smile. The swappable hands included are all from the hand missing fingers, and I am so glad NECA has made their hands easier to deal with this year. Gone is the stiffness of old, and now it is not a herculean effort to get Michael to hold his various weapons. My favorite in this release is the light tube and kudos for the Halloween 3 easter egg on the skull mask as well. Yes, I know this is just a pack-in from the part 3 set from last year, but it made me smile.

Michael is easy to pose, though really, how many poses are there really to make with him? It's all in the neck, and you can achieve the perfect Halloween head tilt with either of the two head sculpts. The only difference between the two I can really notice is the darker eyes on one of them; other than that, I'm not really sure why we got two.

NECA's Ultimate Halloween Kills Michael Myers Is One Of Their Best
NECA Michael

This is a badass figure. He feels more violent just looking at him, just like in everything we have seen from Halloween Kills so far. I have no complaints here; this is one of the nest Michael Myers figures we have gotten period, let alone from NECA. He should be in stores any time now, though you can still preorder him here.


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