Harley Quinn Receives A New Expensive $1,200 Statue From Iron Studios

Harley Quinn is back as she is getting a new gorgeous 1/3 scale statue from Iron Studios. This mischievous lady is loaded with remarkable detail that showcases her deadly nature. Standing 26" tall, Harley Quinn comes with three interchangeable head sculpts giving collectors and classic roller derby, and a modern design. She is placed on a fun amusement park dimply with a Joker spring ride, hyena plush, and her holing her trusty mallet. The base also features LED effects will small old-timey lamps that light up around the rustic base giving Harley Quinn the spotlight she wants and deserves.

This anti-hero has been making quite the name for herself lately with her own film and animated series. Harley Quinn was always in the Joker's shadow, and she sometimes still is depending on the story that she is in. This statue is one of those pieces that really puts all the light on Harley Quinn, and this statue will easily be a highlight piece for any fan of hers. The DC Comics Harley Quinn Prime Scale 1/3 Statue from Iron Studios is priced at a whopping $1,199. She is set to release between June – September 2022, and pre-orders are already live and located here.

"DC's most charismatic anti-heroine on a grand scale by Iron Studios! In a diorama base filled with elements of an old amusement park, the Clown Prince's beautiful partner in crime poses sitting on a Joker-shaped spring horse, with a large wooden mallet on which her left hand rests, and a baseball bat with the tip spiked with sharp Bat-shurikens (Souvenirs of the Dark Knight) resting on her right shoulder, a deadly combat equipment. Next to a hyena, her pet Bruce, portrayed as a stuffed animal, with a black ball-shaped bomb, with the fuse lit at her feet, and wearing a uniform inspired by the DC Rebirth editorial line from the comics, wearing roller skate boots, and the protective accessories, Iron Studios presents its statue Harley Quinn Prime Scale 1/3 – DC Comics – Iron Studios, featuring the most charismatic villain and currently the involuntary heroine of Gotham city."

"The piece has realistic textures that accurately portray Bruce\'s plush fur, the nuances of the Joker\'s fiber spring horse painting, the subtle shine of the leather in her outfit, and even the rough lines of the wood of her weapons. The base, in the shape of a circumference, brings lamps with a retro characteristic, which light up individually. The statue contains three interchangeable heads, one more beautiful and expressive than the other, and is a perfect figure to pair with The Joker – DC Comics by Ivan Reis – Prime Scale 1/3 statue, which will soon be available at Iron Studios."

"Harley Quinn first appeared in the series Batman: The Animated Series, and was created by the duo Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in 1992. The positive reaction from critics and audiences made her presence constant in this animation and the following sequels from Batman. In 1999 she was included in the DC comic book universe. Initially a psychiatrist, she joined the Joker as his partner and later his lover, becoming one of Batman\'s most iconic villains. Today she is portrayed more as an anti-heroine, acting as a vigilante rather than a criminal."

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