Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 – New Transformers Reveals Roll Out

Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 is here, and the day has already kicked off with an incredible Power Rangers panel loaded with such great new products. It is now time to shift gears (literally) as we get a whole panel dedicated to Transformers, and they are kicking off the event with a brand new toy line titled: Transformers Legacy.

Transformers Legacy Celebrates History

With 40 years of history, Hasbro is covering all ages and generations with this new line with the return of iconic and legendary characters that fans have been asking for. From G1, movies, cartoons, and everywhere in between, this series will bring back bots, and the first set of Deluxe Legacy figures include Skids, Dragstrip, Prime Arcee, and Kickback.

For the other non-deluxe figures we are getting a Voyager Bulkhead from the Prime World as well as a new G2 version of Leader Laser Prime. All of these figures bring back classic designs with a modern touch that collectors will really appreciate. All of these Legacy figures are not featuring any exclusives just yet, so they will be pretty easy to secure when 2022 comes around.

The packaging is also new and it will feature Hasbro's new save the environment initiative by trying to use smaller amounts of plastic than previous figures. This design is being used across Hasbro toy line and can be currently be seen on their new Fortnite Victory Royale series. I'm totally fine with this new set-up and it gives Hasbro the ability to focus on art as you can see when it comes to the new Legacy artwork. From the new Transformers title to the packaging, this line a truly fantastic adding some new flair to such an iconic franchise.


The last reveal of the event is a new Galvatron Unicron Companion Pack that features a new Leader Class Galvatron with new translucent deco. The figure comes right out of The Transformers: The Movie, with the reformatted Megatron. Loaded with detail, accessories, some pretty crazy, this figure will be a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive so be sure to pre-order yours later today.

More Stunticons will be revealed later on so stay tuned for more reveals to come at future Hasbro Pulse live stream events. This whole wave of Legacy figures and Pulse exclusive Galvatron will go up for pre-order today at 5PM EST right here as well as other online retailers.

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