New Funko Haunted Mansion Disney POPs Revealed

Haunted Mansion is one of the most beloved rides in the Disney Parks, and with that title comes plenty of merchandise for people to collect. In the past couple years, that has included Funko products, as the popular company has released a bunch of POPS, keychains, notebooks, blankets, and other memorabilia from the ride. All of it has been popular, and today they have revealed a new wave of POPs featuring some of the 999 happy haunts from inside the ride. Haunted Mansion collectors have been shouting from their Doom Buggies for more, and now Funko has obliged them. Check out all of the new POPs below.

Funko Haunted Mansion POP Reveals.
Funko Haunted Mansion POP Reveals.

Welcome to The Haunted Mansion

Some of these are ones that fans of the ride are going to go crazy over. Personally, the one that stands out to me is the organ player. The dinner scene is one of my personal favorite parts of the ride, and the organ player is one of the most iconic parts of The Haunted Mansion. It stinks that he is a Disney Parks exclusive, as those are hit or miss getting them. But they usually go online as well on Shop Disney, so hopefully, that practice continues with this release.

Funko Haunted Mansion Parks Exclusive
Funko Haunted Mansion Parks Exclusive. Credit Funko

Some of the others are based on the stretch paintings at the beginning of the ride. This is where Disney fans will be happy, as they both have regular versions from before the ride begins and then a chase version with their method of death revealed when the room walls stretch. It is a nice touch, even though I hate chases. The last one is a maid, featuring the costume that the Disney Cast Members wear in the ride. This is neat since it kind of counts as a Cast Member POP.

All of these are pretty great. Funko has knocked all of their Haunted Mansion product out of the park, and these continue that trend. These should all be up for order soon, while a timetable for the release of the Disney Parks exclusive organ player is not known.

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