The Hiya Toys Alien Hive Grows With Two New 1/18 Scale Figures

Alien fans can continue to expand their own hive of Xenomorphs and Nostromo crew members as Hiya Toys is back with new reveals. Their highly detailed 1/18 scale figures return with two new addition from the Alien lore. Up first is another member of the USCSS Nostromo as Joan Lambert suits up for the last time with her blue spacesuit that will feature a removable helmet. Standing 4.3 inches tall, this miniaturized character is a must-have to complete the original crew of the Nostromo before tragedy strikes. Hiya Toys has also revealed a new Xenomorph Queen, with this one coming to us from the 2004 alternate timeline of Alien Vs. Predator.

This one features the Stan Winston design of the Queen with a new head sculpt, battle damage paint deco, and a body capturing both practical and CGI effects. Xenomorph collectors will want this beauty in their growing collection and both figures are set to release in late November 2021. Both figures are set as PX Previews Exclusives, so the best place to secure one for your collection is through your local comic book store. The Alien Queen is priced at $49.99, while Joan Lambert gets a $19.99 price tag, and both will get pre-orders online shortly, and they can be found here along with other upcoming Hiya Toys figures.

"From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! One of the three crewmembers chosen to explore LV-426, Lambert eventually stumbles across a derelict spacecraft. When they discovered the remains of the Space Jockey, Lambert wondered aloud what happened to the other members of the crew. Now, Hiya Toys has created this blue spacesuit version Lambert from the movie before she was taken away by the Alien to be a host! This 1/18 scale figure stands approximately 4.3" tall and comes complete with a blaster accessory."

"From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Every hive has its queen, and now Hiya Toys presents its version of the iconic Stan Winston design for the Alien Queen! This royal 1/18-scale figure features a new head sculpt and body details replicating the mix of practical effects, puppetry, and CGI in ADI's AvP Alien Queen design. After a fierce battle, Lex and Scar defeat the Queen by chaining her to an oil vat and tipping it into the Antarctic Ocean, where it drags the Queen into the depths. Now Hiya Toys presents its version of the Battle scene. Standing about 7" tall, this PREVIEWS Exclusive Alien Queen features Battle Damage painting."

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