NECA's New Jaws Quint Figure Will Thrill You, And Make You Sad

One movie that people have been clamoring for figures from for some time now is Jaws. The quintessential summer blockbuster, and really the first summer blockbuster, the film has had merchandise made from it in the past, but never that defining figure set to display in our collections. NECA is trying, as they have a new Quint figure in stores, and they tried to do Sheriff Brody, but they ran into the same problem most companies have, the Roy Scheider estate blocked the release. While they also have a massive Bruce the Shark in development, this Quint may be it for figures to pose him with, at least for a while. NECA sent one over to us to show off, so let's take a look at why it is a damn shame this may be it.

It's Sad That This May Be The Only Jaws Figure From NECA

I love the packaging as always; it is a refreshing feeling to see a NECA figure in the box and have the toy staring back at you through that big window box. I also love the fig photography on the box on the boat; it really is an amazing diorama setup that would love great in a figure set up if you can pull it off. You MOC collectors can stop here and be happy with this release.

Once out of the box, this figure is just so much fun. Jaws is all about the relationship between those three men on an impossible mission and the life they breathe into the characters, and arguably none more so than Robert Shaw as Quint. What NECA did here bringing this character to life is crazy. The second you start strapping this guy up or putting the beer cans in his hand, he comes to life in front of your eyes. The Shaw likeness is incredible. The retro-style body is never my favorite, but it works here since Quint is supposed to be a bit off-kilter. The fabric jacket sits so well on his shoulders as well, and when paired with his bandanna, it couldn't be more spot on. All of the accessories fit well, and more kudos to NECA: they have made swapping parts way easier than it used to be with their figures.

NECA's New Jaws Quint Figure Will Thrill You, And Make You Sad
NECA Quint

I don't really have anything bad to say about this; aside from that, it makes me sad that I don't see us getting any more Jaws characters to join him anytime soon. The retro figures are never my favorites, as I prefer Ultimate figures, but this one is an exception. Film and horror fans need this one, so if you see him, grab him. He is hitting stores now. Or you can order him right here.

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