Let's Take A Look At Some New Hasbro Marvel Legends & Retro Figures

The Marvel Hasbro team is wrapping up a banner year in the line, with Marvel Legends running stronger than ever, the role play offerings getting better and better, and the launch of the new retro carded figures proving very successful. I lost count of how many Legends figures came out this year around April, but it was a ton. Fans, of course, gobbled them up, but it was an announcement at February's Toy Fair that got us buzzing: Fox X-Men figures. Since Disney bought Fox, it seemed like a pipe dream that we would ever get a Hugh Jackman Wolverine figure, yet here we are. Hasbro was nice enough to send us over a few of the new X-Men Marvel Legends figures to show off, so let's take a look at some of the offerings.

Marvel Legends X-Men Film Figures Are Crazy Good

I love that they made these different than a regular Marvel Legends release. All of the X-Men figures as of late have been, and I enjoy the look and design of these quite a bit. As far as the figures go, I love the Logan quite a bit, and the Cable and Mystique are quite nice as well. It is the Domino that I am not feeling as much. It looks fantastic, but she was the first figure I opened, and her arm snapped right off. I stopped there since I didn't want to damage any more of them. I have been keeping more and more Marvel Legends MOC, and I like these boxes so much that these are going to stay that way.

The cool release this holiday on Hasbro Pulse is the 3.75 inch Marvel Retro figures. Modeled after the old Kenner Star Wars figures, these 5 POA figures come as two-packs on retro-styled cardbacks. Four of them are available: Captain America and Black Panther, Spider-Man and Electro, Cyclops and Iron Man, and Black Panther with Iron Man. Both figures come in a really nice solid cardboard box as well with awesome key art. Usually, I would open all of these to show you, but as you can see from the pics, and like those Marvel Legends, these are staying on the card. I opened Cap and Panther to show you, though. Both feature great paint aps and are a fun addition to the loose shelves. Caps shield strap for his wrist is a little gummy, but it clips on well.

All of these figures, Marvel Legends or Retros, are available now on Hasbro Pulse. Many thanks to Hasbro for providing these for this article.

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