Mattel Teams Up with Tony Hawk with Hot Wheels Skate Fingerboards 

Mattel has announced that a special Hot Wheels and Tony Hawk collaboration is on the way. Hot Wheels Skate has been revealed, which is a collection of fingerboards that features clip-on shoes. Your fingers will be able to grind those rails, hit those jumps, and get some high-flying action with these fun miniatured skateboards. The Hot Wheels Skate kits will be released exclusively at Walmart, and the fun does not end there as playsets are also on the way. Tony Hawks Skate line will consist of:

  • Hot Wheels Skate Singles Assortment: $2.99 
  • Hot Wheels Skate Collector Series Assortment: $5.99
  • Hot Wheels Skate Multi-Pack Assortment: $11.99
  • Hot Wheels Skate Drop-in Skate Set Assortment: $14.99
  • Hot Wheels Skate Amusement Park Skate Set: $29.99

This new Skate line only gets better as Hot Wheels is proud to donate to Tony's signature charity The Skate Park Project. The partnership does not end there either, as Mattel will also be releasing some super limited edition full-size Birdhouse skateboard decks as well. Each will come with its own Hot Wheels Skate fingerboard to match, but these are very limited, with only 100 full-size boards getting released. The craziest part is that they will all be signed by the legend himself, Tony Hawk, making this the ultimate collectible! The Tony Hawk x Hot Wheels Skate Wildfire Freestyle Deck and Fingerboard will be exclusively sold on Mattel Creations at $350 on July 29 here. The mini fingerboard packs are starting to appear online here, here and here as well as in Walmart stores now, with more arriving in August!

"Hot Wheels Skate™ was created by Hot Wheels and Tony Hawk to inspire fingerboarders of all levels to skate the impossible with no limits or rules and ignite their challenger spirit. The Hot Wheels Skate™ line features a wide range of fingerboards with unique designs and attachable shoes, along with out of this world skatepark playsets that will include giant piranhas, roller coasters and donuts. Hot Wheels Skate™ Fingerboard and Shoe Assortments are being sold exclusively at Walmart starting at $2.99."

"The brand partnered with Tony Hawk to create an accessible progression path to fingerboard mastery. Created for fingerboarders of all levels, the line will feature shoes that clip onto the boards so that even the youngest skaters can execute stunts they wouldn't be able to on a regular board. Experienced fingerboarders can show off their skills without the shoes. To give back to the skating community, Hot Wheels is proud to donate to Tony's signature charity The Skate Park Project. This non-profit helps underserved communities across America create safe and inclusive skateparks for kids of all ages. For more info on The Skatepark Project:"

"In celebration of the launch of HW Skate, HW & Tony Hawk have partnered together to create a super limited edition Birdhouse skateboard deck and matching Hot Wheels Skate fingerboard. There are only 100 limited edition full-size boards, all signed by Tony Hawk and based on his personal router template. Each of the decks will include a matching fingerboard as well."

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